Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photo Session & Movie night in Nerja

This morning, the wind was up so we decided to jog the streets of Nerja towards where the groceries stores are.  One street is the one that we take when we come home with the car.  Another street follows a small river and the 2 meet at the top of the hill.  So we would go from one street to the other and then go up one block.  We did this until we reached the top and ran down following the river to the beach and back home.  It took us 40 minutes and was fun to see some of the side streets we had not seen before.  

After breakfast, another grocery run including a couple of 2€ bottles of wine.  Since I am carrying groceries, I have my limit on how much I buy each time.  I also stopped at the information center to get info on the village we were trying to find yesterday.  We were on the right road.

Tomorrow, I am taking the bus to Malaga to do some sightseeing.  So part of my day is reading about Malaga and also about Cordoba for next weekend. 

For Wendy's lunch break we walked into town to get a can of coconut milk as the supermarket did not have any.  I guess not a big demand for it in this town.  Last week, I had found a small corner store that had more ethnic food & spices.   Lots of the stuff even I do not know but it sure looks good.  We walked to Balcon and one the beach closest to it, there was a photo shoot being done.  Pretty funny to see them work as the wind was blowing.  They had a gazebo setup and they were trying to hang sheers for the photo shoot.   1 model and about 12 workers.   We also noticed that there are more people in town.  The same thing happened the last couple of year, as the week progressed in our vacation, more people were around town and the apartment complex.

Around 3 PM, I went and sat out in the sun for about 1 hour (2 beers).  The wind has died down and it is nice and beautiful now.  I then came in and started making chicken curry for supper.  Wendy will be having leftovers tomorrow.

The movie tonight was American Hustle.  We both enjoyed the movie and the free glass of white wine.  The last time we had taken red wine but was not allowed to take it into the theatre, so white it was.

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