Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Morning jog & Movie night in Nerja

Woke up to the first cloudy day of the trip today.  Still better than snow!

Started off with our walk/jog going the other direction today, more through the quiet deserted streets in town, a nice change.  Amazing the difference between when all the shops are open and spilling their merchandise onto the street to sell and this time of day.

Morning Jog

Nice colours this morning

Deserted streets this time of the morning

Andre made another trip for groceries for supper, too long of a line up for fresh fish, so he bought some packaged cod.  Not my favourite, but I’m not complaining.

Went to check out with our internet provider if they will give us a deal as we need to buy quite a bit more time for my work, they are trying to help us out.  Andre also booked a day trip tomorrow into the 3 parks that are around here.  It is in a safari jeep, I hope he gets some good pictures of elephants and giraffes!  He leaves around 9:30 tomorrow and back around 4:30.  The little bar at the end of our street is supposed to make a great Paella, so I’m in charge of dinner tomorrow and I’m going to go and put the order in that we will be in tomorrow night for supper, it is made to order and they need at least a couple of hours’ notice.

I broke down and bought myself a new sweater today, thrift shop right across the street, so 3.00 Euro and I am a little warmer.  I think I will just return the sweater to the shop when we leave.  We have to pay for electricity at this apartment for the month of March only, so I’m probably saving 3.00 Euro by wearing the extra layer and not needing to turn on the heaters at night!  The position of the apartment is that we get very little direct sunlight, so it never gets very warm, great in the summer when it is 30+ outside, but it would be nice to have some direct sun at this time of year.

Movie night tonight.  A great deal, 5.00 Euro gets you into the movie and a drink, the drink is water, red wine or white wine.  So we pick red wine, get our glass, get to the door to sit and we can’t take red wine in, oh well wasn’t the best anyway.  So the movie was The Counselor.  It did say R rated at the beginning, wow it has been a long time since I have seen an R rated movie.  Anyone seen it?  Andre and I were definitely the youngest ones in the audience, and there is one car scene that had a few people get up and leave, this of course only made me start to giggle, I expected a line up to get their money back.  I think there would have been more walk out if they weren’t in the middle of the rows, or just plain too embarrassed to leave. 

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