Monday, March 24, 2014

Another day in Nerja

First of all, in yesterdays blog, Wendy forgot to mention a little incident I had during our walk last night in town.  We came across a pizza store that delivers and I wanted to pick up a takeout  menu.  I think they were either getting ready to open or close, so they had the pulled down the door a quarter of the way shut.  So no problem getting in, pick up the menu and turn around while looking at the menu.  I take a big step and POW right into the door with the top of my head.  I got a good scrape about the size of a small postage stamp.  It looks very pretty especially with the amount of hair that I have on top of my head.  I must have hit hard enough since 3 guys in the street said “Are you OK”. 

This morning, the mother ship was in town.  We are not sure what planet they were from but we were sure they were aliens.  I took a few pictures of course and I am thinking of sending them to the Spanish Enquirer, if there is such a thing.  Either way, I will keep my eye in the newspaper to see if there has been any reported abductions or missing people.  At one point, Wendy saw some of the drones but I was in the shower, so no pictures of then, but they exist.  

The aliens are coming

Later in teh morning, it transformed itself

Back to our morning walk/jog after taking the weekend off.  We headed to the beach area as the sun was up and it is much nicer when it is.  I did not bring a camera today since we have now been this way many times.  Just my luck and a fishing boat comes very close to shore.  It was doing some dragging for shellfish.  It was only a small boat, about 25 feet long and they only had a small drag that they were pulling up by hand.  It looked like it was mostly empty.  They actually came up in front of the apartment when we were done jogging and you could see them fish from our balcony.

Below our apartment

Checking the results

In search of a better spot

A quick load of laundry to get our weekend stuff cleaned. 
After breakfast, I worked on copying my pictures to the laptop, picking which one for the blog for this weekend.  It is a challenge choosing a small number of pictures.  The apartment internet connection data plan is limited here and I don’t want to put up too many and use up my entire data plan before the month is over. Wendy had written the weekend blog last night with me helping by reminding what we had done & where we were at times.  Her typing skills are much better than mine.  We did cram quite a bit of stuff into the weekend, but did have a great time.  Who knows if or when we are going to back in this area.  Then I uploaded the pictures and posted the blog. 

Then off to do groceries while Wendy is doing a demo for a client or should I say trying to.  She is having problems with WebEx and is on the phone with support.  When I get back, she is doing her WebEx demo, so I figure she got her problem resolved.   I filled up 2 green Sobeys groceries bag with mostly fruits and vegetables in addition to 1 litre of milk, 6 Greek yogurts and some pork for supper.  The total was $30.00 Canadian.  Much cheaper than home, especially the vegetables, probably would be close to $50.00 at home.

I made us a large salad for lunch which is very typical of what we normally have during the week.  I think I may have to buy another pair of shorts as the one I have seem to have gotten bigger or perhaps it is me that got a tad smaller around the waist with all this walking and eating rabbit food.  After lunch we went for a short walk into town and got cash out from the bank machine.   We now have some cash as most of what we took from Canada was mostly all gone.

This afternoon, I found a hotel for next weekend in Cordoba.  It looks like we got a good price when you compare it to the hotel online rate.  Will be curious to see the room we get.  All it said was standard on the site we book.  Wendy thinks it is a banquet room that is not being used.  After Wendy was done work we also booked our final week-end in Spain in Baeza, this town is within 5 km of Ubeda, and both are smaller Unesco World Heritage sites.  Looking forward to both week-ends.
Wendy had requested pork for supper.  I had bought some bottled white beans the first day we went shopping and they have been sitting in the cupboard since then.   So I made a pork stew with sweet potatoes and white beans.  It actually turned out very good if I do say so myself.

Walk into town after supper.  It was a nice evening, the breeze that had come up this afternoon has died down.  We poked into a few shops and in one that only had handmade jewellery, we found a pair of earrings and a ring for Wendy.  We also found a magnet for our fridge, one less thing to shop for now.

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