Saturday, March 15, 2014


Happy Birthday Tyler, 6 years old already!

Finally Friday, really looking forward to the week-end.

Another beautiful morning, this morning returned to our jog/walk back along the beach, it is great to be able to switch it up, I get bored really easy.  Definitely this is not a sport that I enjoy, but I am really enjoying the wine and eating, so must do something active.

I had a busy day at work today again, no breaks until around 2 when I went for a walk to the beach.  A good laugh because Andre was with me and we walked down to a new beach, he said no waves had been coming in right to the shore, so off he want for pictures, I could see a big wave coming and told him, but I know nothing, Andres one shoe and sock are still drying out…

One of the balconies we saw during our lunch walk

Could be the wave that got me, not sure

Looks like, ah take your pick

Used pair of Ray Ban

Andres errands today included getting a new pin for his watch strap that broke, and finding eye glass cleaner.   Success on both accounts.  He said the guy built him a pin to fit his watch, 3.00 Euro. 

After work tonight we drove to a little town inland about 5 km from where we are called Frigiliania.  A very pretty town that you park outside and walk around, lots of uphill.  Lots of little tourist shops and very narrow streets.  You can tell this is a town that lots of bus tours stop at.  A nice visit, especially so close to where we are.  Some very scenic lookouts, but it is a little overcast today.

Pottery gift shop

Village on the side of the mountain, not level street here

Screen door

What goes up must come down

Nice small church in the village

Lots of these around the village, I think something to do with the Moors

Lots of cool doors all over Spain

One half of the village, Sea in the background but hard to tell because of the overcast

After our visit to Frigiliania we couldn’t find parking near our apartment, parked in a green zone parking spot about 10 minute walk away, hope the car is still there tomorrow.  I cannot imagine how bad parking must be in the summer, we are really off season right now and it is still bad.  

Walked back to the apartment and decided to stop for wine and tapas at the bar in our building.  Wine and tapas turned into lets stay for supper, I had an amazing seafood soup and Andre had calamari.  Everything was really good, we told them we want paella next week, they don’t have it on the menu but they will do it to order, but he said it would take some time so we could just have tapas while we wait. It is dangerous having this place right in your apartment building.  Off to bed early, we have a very early start tomorrow to go to Granada for the week-end.



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