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So this year we have decided to spend some time in the South of Spain.  We are flying into Malaga – Moncton-Montreal-Amsterdam-Malaga.  Some rough long layovers but we have taken full advantage.

Started off with Nancy picking us up at home and driving us to the airport.  Thanks so much!  Now we just need to rely on Marc and Mary-Sue getting our car to Moncton before they leave for holidays.

First flight was Moncton-Montreal.  On check in they told us that we would have to pick up our luggage in Amsterdam and check in as they could not check our luggage right through to Malaga.  We were so sorry to hear about this, there goes a couple of hours that we wanted to spend in Amsterdam. 

Our flight was .5 hour delayed out of Moncton (too much sun?) but we still had time to rent a car in Montreal, drive to Morin Heights and visit with Dad for a little over an hour, then return back to the airport.  Yesterday was Dads birthday, and I never got through to him on the phone so I told him I came to visit instead.  Great to see him, I found he was even better than our last visit at Christmas.  He seems happy and content, and I was thrilled to be able to get a hug and a quick visit, though far too short. 
Quick visit with Dad XOXOXOXO

Biggest bonus of all is when we went through the boarding gate in Montreal they pulled us out of the line and gave us boarding passes to Malaga, and told us our luggage had been pulled and re-tagged to Malaga, yeah!  Little happy dance and off we go.  Left Montreal at about 7:00 PM then a short 6 hour flight to Amsterdam.  I say short because how are you supposed to eat supper, sleep, then eat breakfast all to get you on the right time zone in 6 hours?   

Our next flight to Malaga is not until 4:30 PM so we took the train into the city to visit for the day.  4.00 Euro, 10 minute fast train ride gets you smack into the middle of the action, though there is not much action at 8:30 AM.  
We walked around a little waiting for the tourist information to open at 9, picked up some maps for walking around and off we go on a couple of hours sleep.   

Central Train Station Amsterdam
Inside train station

Water Taxi anyone

Lots of bikers and bikes here in Amsterdam.  Have to be careful where you walk as they have bike lanes everywhere.

More bikes than cars...

Morning rush hour, notice no helmets!

Bike parking, multi level, we were told .5,000 bikes parked here, very near Central Train station

Bike path, watch where you walk

We saw lots of this colour in the just finished olympics

Walked along some of the many canals, over 1000 bridges in the city and we saw lots of them, I could spend all day just wandering here, it is a beautiful city.  Went by the Anne Frank house, lines were huge so we did not get it.  


One of the many beautiful canals

Moving Day

Lots of old lamp post everywhere

lots of narrow houses

Walked through the flower market, sampled a few different cheeses from the many shops, then finished up walking back towards the train station through the red light district.  Not much action at this time of day, but you can get rooms for 30,00 Euro, not sure if that is by the hour?  Saw many of the infamous coffee houses, no need to buy anything, just stand outside for a bit and you are sure to get high. 

Smells from the coffee shop came right outside

I think we were in the red light district here
We also stopped for some Belgium Frites with Curry Ketchup, oh my they know how to make french fries  in Europe. 

Next up we took a 1 hour canal tour by boat.  It is still a little cold here, only about 10 degrees today, so windows were all closed up.  Andre was able to open his window for pictures now and then.  It was a great tour, but I’m sure it would be even better in warmer weather when everything is opened up.  

Train station from the boat tour

Lots of houseboats everywhere

7 bridges all lined up

A quick last walk after the boat tour.  Spot in at a church but service was going on in Spanish we think.  Stayed for a bit and listen to part of the service.  The church interior was gorgeous.
We don`t look too bad on about 3 hours sleep

Why is this the only museum picture I can find that Andre took

The church we went into

We are both pretty much fading now so grabbed the train back to the airport.  We had rented a locker for the day to leave our computers and extra stuff that did not to be carried around all day and of course could not find spot where the lockers were.  Found information, they got us sorted out and now we are waiting at our gate for our last flight to Malaga.  We bought a piece of extra old Gouda cheese to take with us to Spain.   We split a Godiva chocolate bar for a late lunch.  

From Malaga we have about a 1 hour drive if all goes well to Nerja where we have rented an apartment for 5 weeks. 

No problems finding our place last night well one wrong turn leaving the car rental place, and a wrong turn in Nerja and missed the street in front of our apartment.  I have once again confirmed that we will never ever apply for the Amazing Race, it would be grounds for divorce.

The owners had left a nice welcome pack for us, including a bottle of red wine which was opened in a matter of seconds.  Why does wine here not give us hangovers?  I sent an email to the owners telling them we arrived safely last night, made a couple of posts on Facebook, trying Skyeping Jill, and that has been it for the internet.  Who knows when anyone will see this. 

The owners wrote back, which I did receive and suggested we meet them for a drink and tapas at the little bar at the end of our apartment block for lunch. 

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  1. Sounds and looks so wonderful!! Now I have to add Amsterdam to my bucket list. It keeps getting longer and longer.
    Have a great safe trip!!, Mary-Sue


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