Saturday, 8 March 2014

Nerja - First day

We had a fantastic night’s sleep, we could hear the waves, but had no idea what anything looked like until this morning.  We are very close to the water, but here all the buildings are right on the waterfront, so there is no walkway along the water which I know we will miss.  We have a beautiful view of the water, though no real sun on our balcony so I’m not sure how much we will get to use it.

View of the Balcon of Europe from our apartment balcony

A bit of a late start this morning, only woke up around 8:30, lucky for us the owners welcome pack included some eggs and bread, so french toast it is for breakfast.  

Around 10 we headed out to explore the town.  We are pretty much right in the centre of town, this is the first time we have only walked a block before we have the first person asking us for money.  Lots of little streets and shops to explore, we walked for about 3 hours then headed back to the apartment.

Palm trees on the walk out to the Balcon

Making Paella

Don't these paddleboats look like fun, Marlee, speak to papere about it...

One of the 5 or 6 beaches in town that we have found

We now  go and meet the owners for lunch.  What a great time at lunch, a little bar just at the end of our apartment building, as long as you drink you get free tapas.  This means a beer and 3 glasses of wine with lunch was 7.80 Euro, I think we will be back. We left 1.00  Euro tip, the owners told us we did not have to tip here, yep they are British.   We had a great visit with them, told them all our plans and they seemed excited for us, I think we are taking on more than most.  

After lunch it was major siesta time, then up and off to the grocery store for our first bit grocery run.  First big grocery run means stocking up on beer and wine for a couple of weeks, as well as some groceries.  We both like grocery shopping in foreign countries, always fun to guess what you are buying when the labels are all in Spanish.  

Back home and Andre made trout and salad for supper.   It was good, but I think we need to invest in a decent frying pay, we’ll see what we can find.

Started a cribbage tournament, I will only mention the score when I catch up, 5 weeks is a long time.  Still no internet, Monday we will have to figure something out for work.  There is an internet café right around the corner that may be needed, or there is a dongle type thing I am going to try to use first, we found the place to buy it today, but we were hoping to have other options when we met with the owners, no luck, so back to the drawing board on Monday.


  1. Andre and Wendy, I have your blog posted as a bookmark and every so often I click on it to see if you are off. How delighted I was to find you were on a new adventure. I'll be following along. chris (from TA)

  2. Fantastic blog, will look forward to any further blogs to catch up with your travels.

    Ceejayblue (TA)


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