Sunday, 18 July 2021

Cape Breton Day 10 - Going Home

 At good things must come to an end at some point. Had a fantastic holiday in Cape Breton.

After another delicious breakfast at the inn we are off to drive home. Were thinking of stopping for a round of golf along the way. Will she how much free time we have.

Just as we are bout to leave Isle Madame, I spot a good photo opportunity and I ask Wendy to spot. We walk down a bit on a dirt road and see a small island (Lazares island) accessible at low tide.  We walk all around the island. How many times can you say that.

Osprey or Eagle nest, no sings of either.

A fun visit
At New Glasgow we decided to take route 6 which follows the water instead of the TransCanada. 

Our next stop is Pictou. Lots of history here, shipping, fishing, boat building and transportation. Many old buildings. Had a great brunch at a small cafĂ©. We were going to do a hike along the water on the old railroad tracks but it was over 25 degrees and sunny, so we skipped.  So other time. Also a few museum that would be fun to visit when we have more time.

Lots of these

On the road again, a quick stop at a fishing wharf and then we see the sign for Seafoam Lavender farm.
The lavender are in full bloom and are beautiful. A great spot.

A couple of kilometers down the road, we see the sign for a strawberry u-pick. We picked 4 containers and it cost $10.