Sunday, April 30, 2023

Flying Home

Last morning in Hanoi and Home

Last morning in Vietnam. Off for breakfast, I just don't feel right. Not sure why, sad it is over, list is not fun for when we get home, not sure what next stage of life will bring (retired Friday left for this trip the next Monday), long travel day ahead, whatever it was I just wasn't right. I couldn't even drink my last Vietnamese coffee!

No traffic at all going to the airport at 720am. I wasn't able to check in online so joined the queue, we also decided to check our carry on luggage. No charge for this, and neither of us care when it arrives home.

Our first flight is to Seoul Korea, start talking to the 2 women in front of us on the plane from Hanoi that are from Winnipeg, they said there are 2 people on their tour group from Moncton. Told them to point them out to us, they are sitting right behind us. They live in Shediac, but she is from the same small town as Andre, Andre went to school with her brother. What a small world.

In Korea now for a short 2 hour stop, one more stop in Toronto coming up then finally Moncton. We are looking forward to seeing family and friends, but we will be planning another trip soon! In the Seoul airport there are some many high end stores selling purses, shoes etc.. The kind of stores where they only display 1 or 2 purses on a shelf, needless to say we did not go into those stores and 1 thing would probably cost as much as a weekend getaway.

Made it home safely. Toronto airport is severely understaffed, we were late departing by 1.5 hours with the crew and plane waiting there for grounds crew, what a mess. Home at 2AM, but our bodies have no idea what time it is.

Thanks again to everyone who has written trip reports, answered questions, given suggestions for what to do, you have helped make this trip one of our all time favourites.

Things we will remember

-smell of rice in the fields when the sun and wind hit it properly, we were told sticky rice smells even better!

-crazy traffic and drivers

-honking horns

-Vietnamese coffee



-taking your shoes off for bus rides and bus rides in general

-cheap beer

-checking into homestays/hotels and first thing we look for is what is in the bathroom and how hard is the bed

-this list could go on and on but this report is long enough!

-most of all the amazing Vietnamese people, they could not have been any more helpful, friendlier, or nicer to us

Todays Pictures:

Love the arrows for the gates

Don't step on the toilet

Airline staff in traditional dress

The plane doors are not open but we are all checked in
Makes for a quick turnaround

Saying bye to Hanoi

Changes quick from city to country side
With rice fields

Free train ride in Seoul

Robots being charged

Books and Drinks but no drinks ????

Smoking lounge

Free games but we did not dare to try

In the food court

High end store. lots of them, more than cheaper one

You can take selfies 

Zones on the boarding pass but people just lined up and boarded, no zone called

You can use an app and the robot will deliver your food order to you

We decided to pay extra for bulkhead as it is a 12/13 hour flight from Seoul to Toronto

It's magic arrival time is the same as departure time

Leaving Seoul

Almost every flight is delayed in TO due to lack of ground staff