Sunday, April 28, 2024

Toulouse to Home

 Wow what a thunder storm last night, so glad we weren't travelling then. Our flight home is at 11:30 so lots of time to get out and moving this morning. We have decided to do public transit, there is a direct bus you can take, but crazy prices, and one more adventure is always fun. A new metro line is being worked on so there is no direct line to the airport, so tram and bus it is for us. We looked at schedules online and even though it is Sunday it looks like trams and buses are frequent. It actually turned out to be very easy, made even easier as there were not work commuters on the tram or bus, I imagine it would be a little crazy on a weekday. There were 5 or 6 people doing the same thing as us, but most of them had very large suitcases, glad that wasn't us.

We ask at the counter if we could check-in our carry-on luggage for free and they said yes. Time to kill at Toulouse airport, Andre picked up 2 bottles of rum that we will leave with the Bowlers in Montreal and hope that one is left next time we come to visit. Uneventful flight to Montreal, we had picked leaving from Toulouse as Air Canada now has a direct flight to Montreal, it was great not to have to go to another airport to connect in Europe somewhere. Bad thing is that we have a 7 hour layover, good thing is we get another visit with the Bowlers and they all made it!

Landed in Montreal and Jill and Robin picked us up to all meet at Craig's for a visit. Jill came through with a shortbread cookie and peanut butter cookie stash for us to bring home, and everyone tried the madeleines. We all went for a walk through Westmount area, the brick reminded us of Toulouse! A visit to the conservatory, saw lots of people out playing pickleball in the park. Finished off with us all going to Moe's for supper, another fun time all being together. These long layovers suck, but when we get this great visit in it is so worth it!

Flight home uneventful again, lots of legroom, I didn't remember getting exit aisle seats, but we did and tons of room. Car is at the airport waiting for us thanks to Marc and Mary-Sue, plus arrived home to a start of groceries, what a nice treat. Now we just need to wait until it warms up a bit and we see some sunshine to get some golf in, in the mean time lots of time to plan next trips!

Total km walked for Nice 347

Total km walked for Avignon 308

Total km walked for Lyon 80

Total km walked for Bordeaux 81

Total km walked for Toulouse 80

Total km walked for France 896

On our 1/2 km walk to the Palais de Justice tram stop.

Love seeing these old building still in good shape

The stop has info on how to get to the airport with the connecting bus

A Sunday market but no time to visit. Looked like mostly clothes and stuff for the home but not sure

We missed the first tram as it said Odyssud, we were looking for the MEETT. Could have taken the first one since it was going past the bus stop for the airport anyway. Oh well lots of time anyway

May 1st is a big holiday, would not want to have to travel

Leaving Toulouse

Airbus is a big employer here.  Craig a transfer here?

Love the AirBus Beluga plane

Countryside shortly after takeoff before we went over the clouds

A long layover in Montreal gave us to see Jill, Robin and the boys. I guess I should not call them boys anymore as the are all bigger than me now.

A short walk around Montreal and stopped in a small greenhouse

The end of a great vacation.