Saturday, March 2, 2024


 We loved our time in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat so much before Joey arrived that we decided to take her back today. A direct bus route, so hoping for 2 days of good transport in a row!

It is a pretty bus ride here, lots of nice views of the Mediterranean, the colors are really amazing.

Since we have been here before we went right to the tourist information to find out if we could walk from a different direction than we did last time so we could see the part that was closed. She told us to just go around the closed sign, there is only a little bit closed at the very end. Off we go on our 2 hour walk.

First off we go around the little peninsula that we did last time, it is pretty and very different views than we will have on our long walk, this only takes us about 30 minutes.

We then start our long walk and at the lighthouse where we stopped the trail last time we simply go around the closed sign. So glad we stopped at the tourist information, the first part we had already done before was pretty, but this new section for us was spectacular. Stopped for a snack of mandarins and pain au chocolat that we had brought with us. Very few people out on this part of the trail, maybe because of the closed sign? So many beautiful views, and so few people, we saw about 10 people on the closed part of the trail.

A bit of a climb up stairs at the end to reach the road at the closed section, and walking a couple of km along a road to the bus stop, but so worth it.

Bus back to Nice on the bus, lucky to get seats today, it was busy on the way home.

Back in Nice we have decided on fresh pasta to take home, but have some time before it reopens after their lunch break. Decide it is time for Joey to try Socca, like us not her favourite, but we have all tried it now so we will move on. We do find a macaroon place that only makes macaroons, time to try these as we haven't had any yet, very delicious. Next go pick up our pasta, that decide maybe we will have pizzas for supper tonight since tomorrow it is going to be a very rainy day and we will have pasta at home then.

Back to the apartment, couple of pieces of pizzas had by all, nice thin crust.

Joey and Wendy go pick up a few things at the market, not sure any of us will be going out later tonight as the forecast is rain around 5PM, and all day tomorrow.

A great day, one of our favourites for all.

Step count 29,000 or 18.5KM. Might be our longest day yet.

The sun is out this morning but rain later today. Hoping to finish our hike before it rains

Lots of bird of paradise everywhere in the towns.

At the port

A statue of Winston Churchhill

We see more Porches than old cars

A selfie

At the start of the first hike

Diving for sea urchins???

The leaves are coming out

The views on the first hike

At the end of the first hike

The water is so clear

Where we are going on the second hike

Some very large mansion along the way with amazing views from the top of the hill, I imagine.

Information center said it was ok.  Wendy is running away so nobody sees her.

Next to a military area.

Lunch/snack break. Pain au chocolat

Somebody's private little marina

We made it to the end

A few mansion on the way to the bus station

In Nice old town

Was going to wait in line but decided to try their stand at the market instead

Stopped for Macaroons on the way

You pay in advance and they give you a card to give when you pickup the socca after standing in line.  We were lucky as we got the last piece.  Then they have to go to the main restaurant to get more by bicycle.

The market was winding down

If you dress up, you get free entry to the standing area at the parade

Used book stall at one of the squares.
Almost got 3 Asterix books for 10 euros.

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  1. you guys are racking up the km I can see why you are happy to get a rainy day. Rollande


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