Thursday, March 7, 2024

Antibes Hike

 Weather is not looking good for our final days in Nice so we are taking advantage of a beautiful day today and doing another coastal walk.

We had already been to Antibes, but there was one walk we had not done. We took the train from Nice to Antibes, then caught a local bus to the start of the walk. We told the bus driver where we wanted out, but he said no he would let us out at a beautiful spot to start the walk, boy was he right. The snow in the mountains behind Nice was amazing against the blue sky and turquoise water.

I had read that today's hike was a good family hike so I debated just wearing sneakers today, so glad I changed my mind and put on hikers. The terrain started with a nice paved pathway, which turned into cobblestone, then just stones, then rocky outcrops, and stairs and stairs and stairs. All of this lead to some of the most amazing scenery again today. We have done a few coastal walks now, and all have been a little different.

The walk took us about 2 hours and luckily it was the same bus driver that drove by us waiting at a bus stop to get back to town that was no longer being used due to construction. We were just trying to figure it out when we saw the bus about to turn down a different street, luckily the driver waved at us and waited for us to run and catch up with the bus.

Back in town and we walked through the end of the gypsy market, picked up a sandwich and cinnamon bun thing to eat on the rampart. Finished off with gelato in the square. Decided we had enough of Antibes as we had been here before and headed up to the train, made it by 2 minutes to spare.

Arrived back in Nice and security made everyone go through the same exit. There were about 10 train people there checking everyone's ticket. When they checked mine they asked for our pass for discounts, Andre had the pass with him in his wallet thank goodness. This is the first time we have been checked during our entire trip, except for the time they were asking for ID not tickets when we came back from Italy.

Back in town and we decide to go for happy our instead of back to the apartment. Only 1 place we have seen starts this early so we are back to the place that loads the glasses with ice, forgot about that until the drinks were delivered. Not sure happy hour will happen outside the apartment tomorrow with the weather forecast in the afternoon, and no happy hours on weekends.

Back to the apartment to rest for a bit, then head back to the Promenade des anglais for the sunset. Not too exciting, but it was a nice walk.

Dinner at the apartment, rest of the chicken from last night and salad, trying to clean out the fridge now before we move on to our next destination on Monday.

Today's step count 29,000 or 18.7 km with 47 floors.

From the train, another picture of Haut Cagnes-Sur-Mer that we visited the other day.

In Antibes, the gypsy market was going on but did not visit as it was finishing when we finished our hike

From the train station, where the local bus dropped us off

A calm day, more boats our today

The wall that was along the hike most of the way, behind are the beautiful villas you can not see

For a Google rae view of some of the mega villas

Cap d'Anitbes

Coastal hiking

The garden at a villa

Baie des millionaires d'Antibes

The villa that was open for visitors but temporary closed


We had lunch on the ramparts

Old town

Gelato break

Antique market at the square.
I was going to get myself a Gendarmerie Hat but I got vetoed

So many people having lunch in the sun

Back in Nice
Cathedral reflection

They are working at taking down the carnival breachers

The fountain is back running

Happy Hour in old town

A bike race this Saturday

First time we have seen this guy

Part of the main square is now free of carnival stuff

After a rest at home, we went to see the sunset, might be or last one as it calling for rain

Hauling stones to put on the beach

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