Friday, March 15, 2024

Avignon Walking Tour

 Today we are spending the day in Avignon. We have pretty much sorted out how we are going to move around for our last 3 cities after Avignon so on the list today is to buy some tickets. First off we went to the train station to see if there were any deals available that we didn't find online. There are so many different passes and cards that you can buy it is really hard to tell. The longest trip we have to make is from Lyon to Bordeaux, unfortunately there is no direct route by train, we would have to go to Paris and then switch trains, this doesn't sound to bad until we get the price of 210.00 Euro for the 2 of us, ridiculous, we can fly for about the same price. It will take us about 5 hours by train, by bus it is 8 hours, and and about 1/4 of the price, guess we will be bussing it. Off to the bus station we go, only 1 person selling tickets here, and she is very slow. We have lots of angry people starting to queue behind us. We only purchase our tickets from Avignon to Lyon, we will deal with the rest another day.

Back into town and pick a new route to get back to our place. It is Grande Braderie sale here this weekend, it only happens twice a year and it is like a sidewalk sale. Many shops have things out on racks on the sidewalks for sale, but for sale here is still so expensive! Andre is on the hunt for a new pair of shoes, not sure if he will be successful here.

Pick up some Empanadas for lunch to reheat at home, as well as some baguettes for lunch tomorrow for a picnic, and a apple tart thing, all delicious.

After lunch we meet up at 2PM for a free walking tour of the city. Because it is not tourist season it is only offered a couple of times a week, and only 5 adults and 1 baby are on the tour. Once again it is a great tour and we are shown some places we haven't discovered ourselves yet.

Back to the apartment for a rest and then we are off again to find Rue Teinterie which we had seen on a map but haven't been to that section of town yet. This is a beautiful cobblestone street with water wheels along a canal, there are only 4 wheels left now that were used to power the mills. Lots of little restaurants, bars and shops, we will go back another day to visit again. 

Andre joined the Camera Club Zoom meeting that started here at 10PM, He also took in a free zoom meeting with a landscape photographer from the UK beforehand which I watched.  

WIFI is not the fastest here and the Zoom meeting did freeze up a few times but only for a couple of seconds each time

18,000 steps today or 11.5 km

Just Around our street corner

Lots of restaurants in town, on the same street, 3 in a row, 5 minutes from our place

At a little park on the way to the bus station

A pub for St Patrick day, maybe

One of the 13 gates gates that cars can enter 

Looking left

Looking right, 4 KMs of these

I like the symmetry

Not sure what it was but it looked interesting

An old sign

Another small theater, lots in this town

Interesting door

An American in France

4 days of sales on the street

Practicing for tomorrow's symphony concert

On our walking tour
The town emblem

An old VW

The man who invented the Hot Air balloon stayed at this guest house,
The railings now have hot air balloons in them

Signs have also the old language that they used before French

Walls have places to insert wooden planks in case of flooding

Lookout at the Palais de Papes garden

Love the roof tiles

The guide gave us spots to go for beers and wine

The only Roman ruins in the city

Our before supper walk to the Teinturier street

A good choice for the store name

Beer spot

Canal along the Teinturier street

There used to be 23 wheels, only 4 remaining

The canal going into the ramparts 

The stop the water to the canal

Lots of cobblestones here

The square in front of Les Halles Market

Love the Archway

A church near us

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