Sunday, March 3, 2024

Nice rainy day

Such a rainy day. Last night went to bed and at 10:45 we could hear the fireworks that were at the beach, disappointed we didn't make it, we assumed since it was raining fireworks would be cancelled. Once the fireworks were done the thunder started.

This morning it was pouring rain. Lazy day of drinking tea and hot chocolate. Left over pizza from last night for breakfast/lunch. Lots of card games this afternoon to pass the time.

A slight break in the weather so we venture out. Out the front door and it is raining, wait it is now hailing, crazy. We wait it out under at the front door and head out once it passes. It was good just to get out.

Walked down to the waterfront, huge swells. We haven't seen anything like this yet. All of the stairs to the water are roped off, no access to the beach. All of the carnival things are still up, there was supposed to be activities for closing day of carnival today, but all cancelled due to the weather. The king and queen have disappeared. We heard that the burn the King along with the fireworks last night, that would have been interesting to see.

Stop at the little store to pick up wine, chocolate, and chips, we are now good for groceries. Ravioli from the yummy pasta store for supper. Delicious again.

Quiet evening, listen to some podcasts, and that is about it along with planning our day for tomorrow.

Did get 4,000 steps in on this very low key day, or 2.7KM, impressive since I thought it was going to be 0 steps today.

This is what most of the day looked like. Rain & Heavy rain. View from our 1st floor window aka 2nd floor in Canada.

On the way out for our walk
A downpour and some small hail

An old theater next to our building

Lots of umbrellas

Does not look good east

Large swell at this point the promenade

Opera house

The beaches are not open

Heading into old town

Not sure if it was Sunday or the rain or both but not open

A good thing we did not wait until the last night for the parade because it got cancelled last night

The Mango store is where we turn to go to our apartment. Only 2 blocks from the main drag

On the way home

Joey wanted to ride the lift.

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  1. the buildings all look so clean compared to here. Rollande


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