Monday, March 11, 2024

Pro bike race & Opera

Our final full day in Nice, with the kinda crappy weather we have had the last couple of days we are ready to move on.

The presentation of Jerseys for the Paris Nice bike race is taking place at 10:30 so we head off to that, I make it as far as the front door and it starts to pour, I say no thanks go ahead. Andre takes off with his camera and umbrella, I try to make my key work in the door that is after our front door but can't get it to work. Urgh, off I go to try to catch Andre, I can see him about a block ahead of me, but I am pretty soaking wet by the time I catch up, good thing he stops lots for pictures. Exchange of keys, I take the one with the fob and back I go to the apartment. Andre comes back after about 1 hour, he has had fun, I have had fun just sitting on the couch. As much as the weather has sucked for us I can't imagine being in a bike race! We heard it was 4 degrees for them in the mountains yesterday.

Use up most of the rest of the stuff in the fridge for lunch then we are off to watch the start of the bike race. It is sunny and beautiful now, but dark clouds in the distance not so sure how long this will last. Many more people out today to see the race, but still not busy. The leader is 4 seconds ahead right now, will be fun to see how it ends up.

A little rain again so we head back to the apartment and remember that we have tickets for the Opera this afternoon! I can't believe we nearly forgot. It is sold out, and when we purchased the tickets we got the only ones left, the very top floor with no assigned seats. He told us to come early so our views weren't blocked by pillars. Our tickets even say no guarantee your view will not be blocked. We got there are 45 minutes early, we were one of the first to arrive, but even if you came 2 hours early you wouldn't get great seats here. We got front row in our section on the 6th floor, but you had to lean over the banister in front of us to see the stage, and when the actors were on the right had side of the stage forget it, you couldn't see anything. But we had a great view of the orchestra pit. For the price of our tickets 12 Euro each, we would have been impressed just to hear the orchestra, amazing. The Opera was Madame Butterfly, our first opera and it did not disappoint. They had a little screen above the stage that translated to French and English, so it was a bit like a three ring circus. Watch the singers, watch the screen for translation, watch the orchestra. So good that I didn't even fall asleep. Probably helped that we were at the 3PM matinee show. The show was almost 3 hours with 1 intermission. Would definitely go to an opera again, but would hopefully be able to get tickets for better seats.

Decide on a pizza for supper that will give us leftovers for the train ride tomorrow to Avignon, which will take us about 5 hours with a train change in Marseilles.

After supper, back to the Promenade for one last walk along the boardwalk to say goodbye to the beautiful Mediterranean, beach access is closed again, big waves.

May have been our most quiet day for steps

Steps 13,600 or 8.75 km

Total KM walked since arrival in Nice 347 KM.  

On the way to see the riders announcement this morning in the light rain.

Not many people around, great for pictures

A good swell this morning

The Paris to Nice is a 8 stage race and over 1100 kms 

The leader was able to keep his lead and win as this was the last stage.
For more info on the race:

Media center, nothing there earlier this week

I see blue skies

At the start of the race, about 125 riders or so goes out at once not like yesterday amateurs.

The jersey leaders

They had cherry pickers for the cameras

Distance markers to the finish line.

Off to see Madame Butterfly
The reflecting pond with no water in it besides rain

At chandelier height

Wendy is on the far right

One last pizza from our favorite take out place for 10 euros on the way home

One last walk on the promenade after supper

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  1. You will enjoy Avignon. Very different from Nice


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