Sunday, December 18, 2022

South America Cruise Embarcation - NCL Star

 Taxi picked us up and drove us to the port for the start of the cruise.  So many people off to parties in their soccer (football) jerseys.

Party has started already, and the game hasn't even started!

Totem pole, Canadian?

Our taxi driver, very friendly

Huge line up to get into the building to register for the cruise.  I think everyone came early as this was their only option to get a ride to the airport.  Plus I am sure there were a few no shows at work today, made for a very slow process to get onboard checked in.

Line up to get a number to check in

Small taxis, lots of luggage, this is how they handle it

Once we got our number we had to wait in this huge room, luckily they were showing the game on TV
Waiting for our number to be called

Our number got called, another line.  Funny even going through customs they had little TV's set up, and many custom agents watching their phones.

Port in Buenos Aires, a working port

Finally ready to board, game is not over so we try to hurry to get to watch the end

The Irish pub has the game on.

Not joining that line, guest services for problems.

Our "huge" inside cabin. We bid on a balcony upgrade but were not successful. Wendys pet peeve, her side of the bed has the fold down extra bed that she has to squeeze around to get into bed.  

The lobby

First drink of the day on the cruise, we will try them all I am sure.

Found these really nice loungers at the back of the ship, not sure how often we will be able to get them, I'm sure they will be in high demand

Certainly is a working port

Sugarcane Mojito bar, our favorite bar, our favourite bartenders who knew us by name

Leaving Buenos Aires before supper

Andre's favourite dessert

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