Saturday, December 31, 2022

2 sea days to finish the cruise

 We have 2 more sea days and then our cruise is done.  We are finishing in San Antonio, Chile, then taking the bus to Santiago Chile Airport for our next adventure.  

We have had a great cruise despite missing 2 ports.  

Weather is getting warmer, deck chairs are out again, pools are being used a little.

New Years Eve is a bit funny as we have to have our luggage outside our room by 11PM as we are leaving the next day. We went to change at 10PM and decided we were done, didn't even make it to midnight!

Out of ice cream!

Nap time, surprise!

Getting ready for NYE balloon drop in the lobby.  No we did not make it to midnight :)

San Antonio, buses ready to take us away.  It is another working port, not very pretty

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