Friday, December 16, 2022

Day 6 Buenos Aires - La Boca

 Got back from our flight from Iguazu falls at midnight last night, early up again today as we have another tour booked to visit La Boca, which is about 12 km from our hotel.  We took a taxi as no direct metro, and they are so inexpensive. We were doing a tour with the same company we used earlier in the week, again this "free" tour costs $10USD

La Boca, known not to be a safe area at night, but we felt perfectly safe on our tour

Tango dancers getting people to dance with them for tips

The Transporter Bridge of La Boca, famous tram bridge, only bridge like this in the Americas.  Only 7 in the world

$10 for lunch for 2 with the blue rate

Some restaurants had Argentinian Tango dancers dancing during the meal 

Following our visit to La Boca we took a taxi about 3KM to Mercado de San Telmo.  This market really should be visited on the weekend, but no time for us.  This was the one time that we were taken a bit by the taxi driver, that meter sure spun fast!

After the market we walked to Playa Major, about 1.5KM. Church visit along the way


Made our way to catch the metro.  This was very entertaining as you need a subway card that you load up with money to enter the subway.  No subway cards available to purchase here, they told us to try the candy stores.  What?  About 10 candy stores later we find a card, you only need to buy 1 card, you can share it going on the metro.  We were very entertaining I am sure.  Paid twice as much for the card as we should have, but we were so tired at this point, but determined to use the metro!

Subway to Botanical Garden 6KM .43 cents each

Came out at the Botanical Garden

Stopped for ...

Walked home 2KM, will need to walk a lot more to walk off all the ice cream/gelato this week

Went to supper down the street and called it another early night.  Late night last night and another full day today

Not my best meal but the wine was good.
Wendy had lasagna, much better.

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