Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Bruggen Glacier Chile

Captain has brought us off our scheduled path to visit Bruggen Glacier.  It looked like it was going to be rotten weather when we approached, but the sun did come out, and we were even treated to a rainbow. We visited the glacier in 2 different places, it is about 65 km in length and one of the only glaciers that is actually growing in length.

You know you are in a special spot when the staff come out to see and take pictures

Bye to the first stop

Our ships route through Argentina and Chile.  Scenery in Chile has been amazing, you can see all the little fjords we have been in on this map

Was so busy on deck when we first arrived, wait 30 minutes and we were pretty much on our own and had the deck to ourselves

This is the staff deck.  Hot tubs have not been full in days, way too cold and rough!

They put a life boat in the water for the photographer to take some pictures for the captain to give us all.

Bye to the second spot, yes we were that close!

French Bistro restaurant, escargot and oysters to start with steak tar tar

Wendys dessert, strangest presentation ever...

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