Wednesday, March 2, 2011

snorkeling in Caye Caulker

I woke this this morning with not being too regular.  I took some Imodium and that took care of the problem. I guess something from yesterday did not agree with me.  We went for breakfast and now getting ready for the day. Today we have a full day of snorkeling included in our tour.  We will be stopping and snorkeling at 3 spots. 

 The first one is called North Caulker.  There were some fish but not in great numbers.  The thing that was amazing was the coral.  There was some everywhere and the variety was fantastic. We spend about 45 minutes here.  They had fresh pineapple and watermelon when we came out.

The second stop was called Shark Alley.  When we got there you could see all the sharks in the water as well as stingrays and type of large fish about 3 feet long which I forget the name.  We jumped in the water and they are everywhere.  These types of sharks are called nurse sharks and they do not have teeth.  They suck up on the ocean bottom and create a vacuum.  You can hear the sound when they create the vacuum. We spent another half an hour or so here as there was not much swimming to be done.  Just hang with the sharks and stingrays. 

We had lunch when we got out.  We had choice of chicken and fish.  Had my share of chicken last week and went for the fish sandwich.
The last stop was called Hol-Chan marine reserve and I can see why.  There was lots of boat from San Pedro which is the town that is on Ambergris Caye.  San Pedro is much bigger than Caye Caulker with cars, yuck.  This stop was amazing.  There was lots of fish, both in numbers and variety.  We had to have guides with us and they pointed out the species and we went along.  This place is a channel between 2 reefs and has walls on both sides that are about 20-30 feet high.  We saw turtles, a spotted eagle ray, barracuda, and tons of other fishes.  We stayed there for about 40 minutes.  What a great place.

When we got out, rum punch was waiting for us.  They put up the sail on the sailboat and we made our way back.  It took a little bit over 1 hour and a few rum punches.  There was just enough of a breezes but the water was not rough as it is sheltered from the reefs.  We had the boat reserved just for our tour group, which was a lot of fun. They also served us shrimp ceviche.  It is raw shrimps that are cooked by just adding lime juice.  They also add onions, green peppers, tomatoes and cilantro.  Yummmy. Back at to town, 5 of us made reservation to go deep sea fishing on Friday.  We will be in charge of catching fish for the group for supper.

Walk Main Street looking for somewhere to eat. Some of the restaurants have their fresh fish on display and they try to get you come to eat there.  We decided to go in at the Happy Lobster.  I had conch with garlic.  It was a bit chewy but still good.  Walked back to the hotel and had had a couple of R&C and then called it a night.

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