Thursday, March 17, 2011

La Paz, Mexico

This port is one that the ships only go into twice a month.  Much less touristy.  From where we dock it is about a 25 minute bus ride to the town, or if you want to go to the beach it is about 20 minutes in the other direction.  The buses are free, and you can come and go as much as you like. 

We get off the ship around 8:30 am and go into town and just explore a little.  This is definitely not set up so much for tourists, and I like it much better.  We are still looking for a pair of sunglasses for Kyle, nothing much in Cabo yesterday.  He wants a pair of flip up glasses that he didn't get in Playa, so this has been the quest now. 

We also stop at an internet cafe in town to check emails, and send out a quick trip report of the last couple of days.  I also get an email from the people that I booked our excursion for tomorrow telling us that we have been refunded since they couldn't book a time for us, but I also have a voucher that they sent before we left, so we're now not sure whether we have it booked or not, oh well we'll find out tomorrow. 

We stop for ice cream in town, it is supposed to be famous for their ice cream, Liam and Andre have been eating much ice cream each day, and they tell us this one is good.  We did a little walking tour of the town, which includes a pretty Church. 

Along the way a dog manages to bite Kyle, he was walking too close to the houses and a little dog came out from behind the bars on the window and got him through his shirt.  It didn't break his skin, but sure made us jump!  We spend a couple of hours in town, then take the bus back to the ship, then get right on the bus for the beach. 

We have to walk quite far down the beach to find a place with umbrellas to get into the shade, but it is well away from the crowds which we like.  This is a very pretty beach. The water is very calm and very clear.  We convince Liam that the salt water will help his cut toe, so he gets in while he is looking for seashells along the beach.  We have a few margaritas and some snacks and just spend a nice quiet afternoon at the beach.  Kyle walks the beach a couple of times looking for his friends, but is not successful so he is stuck with us. 

Back on to the ship after waiting for about 30 minutes for a bus back in the heat of the day, but we all survived, and it was way better than the water taxi!  Another quiet evening, at 14 you can stay up until 2AM and get going the next day, us not so much.

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