Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Around 10 this morning I headed into town to pick up a couple of things at the market. I was also on the lookout for a blender. Yesterday I tried to make mango margaritas with the food processer that the property manager had bought. It turned out to be a disaster and I ended up making a mess in the kitchen. There a household store on the block behind us, that was the first stop and my base for a price. Walked around town for a couple of hours and did not find anything better, so that was my last stop on my way home.
Hotel one block away

Will probably do this with Jacinthe and Lisa

I got the one on the right. Could have paid $1 a week for 52 weeks with a $4 down payment.  I just went ahead and paid the $40.

Outside the modern art museum

Not part of the art display but it looked artsy to me

Merida spelled backwards, main square

Also found a new section in town, might have been the old market at one point.

Not because of gringos as often I am the only white person at the markets

More market to explore with Jacinthe and Lisa
At the regular market

This morning, Jacky, a friend of mine that used to work with me in Moncton around 1990 or so and now lives in Merida sent me a message that he would be in town around 1PM. We had touched base earlier but he was away for the weekend in Progresso which is the seaside town about 30 minutes from here. I was great seeing him again as we had not seen each others in decades. We had lots to talk about and plan to meet for supper one night in the future. While Jacky was here, Jacinthe and Lisa arrived. Jacky stayed for a while and talked about Merida which I think Jacinthe and Lisa appreciated.

I made chicken enchiladas for lunch. Wendy will not allow me to turn on the oven, so I made them stove top. We spent the afternoon by the pool taking turns going in the pool and enjoying frozen drinks.

Around 7PM we headed out to find something for supper. We ended walking to the main square and back. I think Jacinthe and Lisa were tired from a travel day and had a hard time to pick somewhere they would like. We ended back on our street next to our place. Jacinthe ordered the special nachos which was not what she expected. Lisa ordered salutes which are tortillas that are fried and then topped with chicken and lettuce. Her chicken was dry and could have used a sauce. I order chicken pobil and it was delicious. It is cooked inside banana leaves after being marinated in sour orange juice and spices. We also had great mango margaritas. We were entertained by a couple singing on stage in Spanish. Not sure if this was more of a bar that serves food or not. Either way it was an early night for everyone. Wendy had passed on going out tonight, she is not feeling the best today.

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