Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hacienda Santa Cruz Concerto

Andre worked on blogs again this morning, then set off to the market for some groceries.   Along the way He stopped at a church to visit.

Street food vendor selling Chimi Chimi like they do on the beach in Puerto Morelos

mansion that is now a small office complex

Medium size church with nice large painting on the walls

A very nice hotel near where we are staying

Todays the bug is green and large

Time for Ice Cream

On one of the streets near the main market, boxers for an upcoming match were being checked by a doctor and being weighed in. Too bad we already booked for Friday night as it is free.  I think these are just young boxers by the look of the boxers.

The city museum is also next to the main market. A very interesting museum.

The city main square

Back at the market and the heat is on as it is now around 11:30AM.

It is amazing what you can get here for so little money, and so fresh and delicious.  Wendy put a load of laundry in, have not had to do laundry so often, it definitely hasn’t been as warm as it was earlier in our trip. Bag of Limes, $1.40. 7 small mangos $3. Bag of tortilla chips $1. Pineapple $1. Cilantro 70 cents. 20 habanero peppers 65 cents.  Lettuce $1.25. Roasted Chicken $5 or so.  Then the rest was $8.00 4 large onions, 4 bananas, 6 avocados, a dozen tomatoes, a cantaloupe. 

This afternoon is spent in/by the pool, a couple of delicious mango margaritas.

Wendy has signed up for Uber, something we have never used before.  She has scheduled a pickup tonight to take us to Hacienda Santa Cruz, about 30 minutes from where we are staying.  This is where the owner Chris from our house is having a concert tonight and he gave us tickets.

Uber is such a cool app, you can see how much it is going to cost, where the car is that is picking you up, what the license plate of the car will be.  I love it.  It is about .5 the price of what a taxi would be, it cost us $120 pesos for the way out.  If we could figure out all of these collective bus/van things that go by right in front of our house it would be even cheaper, but that will need to wait for another trip. 

As soon as we get out of the car at the Hacienda it starts raining.  We came about 1 hour early to take some pictures, but it turned into a trip to the bar because of the rain.  A very yummy Mayan Mojito for me, Andre had a beer.  Very fun watching the bar tender make drinks, he seems to sample every mixed drink!  My drink he sampled then dumped it back into the blender and added more rum, yummy.  The waiter and bartender both tried mine with a spoon.  I’d like to be the taste tester!  Since we had only had chips, salsa, and guacamole for supper decided a dessert was in order.  I had lemon cake/pie, Andre had a brownie.  Both very yummy.  This little rain delay cost us more than our supper last night with a bottle of wine lol. 

The concert was beautiful.  A gorgeous setting.  We were in the first row, I could read the Cello’s music!  Maybe a little too close, but it was amazing.  The concert lasted about 1 hour.  They play here about once a month over the winter, then move into a place in the city for the summer.  This was there last concert here this winter, tributes to Mozart and Beethoven. 

After the concert and thanking Chris so much for inviting us we were outside trying to figure out how to get home.  Andre sees a mini van with a hotel logo on it, he asks if they have room for us, sure.  They are going to Santa Lucia square which is right around the corner from us.  Perfect, a nice drive home, and the driver got a very nice tip from us.

Off to sleep tonight, no sound of violins practicing, but tomorrow night we are going to another concert so I will get my fill.

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  1. Oh my god. You guys are having an amazing time. I'm starting to think it might be an idea to go to Merida after Puerto Morelos in Feb...


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