Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Market and Light Show

In the morning, I took Lisa and Jacinthe to visit the main market area. It is about 15-20 minutes walk there from our place. The market is huge and vendors of the same type gather mostly together in the same areas. Vegetables vendors in one, tortilla makers in another, Fish mongersm in one corner, shoes etc...

We spent over 2 hours going up and down some of the isles but did not do all of them. We picked up a few food items for the house. We also stopped for an ice cream break.

Entrance to the market where all the fish mongers are.

These guys peel coconut all day

Marzipan in the candy section

Making fresh corn tortillas every step from grinding the dry corn

Look who I found at the market.  Lisa and I bought each a hat for $2 each

Someone either came to work early or had a late night

Lots of shoes/sandals repair shops

This place was like a dairy queen, blizzard for me

Mango smoothies for Lisa that Jacinthe had to taste

Fixing hammocks at the market

We then proceeded to the main square and walked around. By now the heat was on and we had to stop and get popsicles.

Popsicles break time

We then made our way home and I cooked quesadilla for lunch.

The afternoon was spent around the pool where we lay in the shade until you got too hot which meant a dip in the pool rotation. I made some frozen chunky monkeys to get ride of some bananas that were getting ripe.

We went out to supper at a Mediterranean restaurant near the house called Pita. We shared a delicious plate of hummus to start the meal. The pita bread was fresh and hot. Wendy had pasta as her stomach has been on the bad side. Best for her to stay away from anything too spicy. I had a nice grilled fish fillet. Jacinthe had a calamari/shrimp combo and Lisa had pita wrap.


 We then made our way to the main square to watch the light/sound show. On the way there we stopped at a tour operator and booked a tour to Celestun to go see the flamingos for tomorrow.

It was the story of the city founder Montejo. It was projected and spoken in Spanish, the translated would be projected on the side. It was good that it enlarged lots of the carving on the building and explained what they were.

Lots of ladies from Chiapas selling all the same stuff

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