Sunday, April 8, 2018

Campeche to Merida

This morning we are up early to go out for a walk to explore and take pictures.  It is really pretty walking along the streets, I’m sure pictures won’t do it justice. 

Hotel Room

Pool at hotel

We also saw a market yesterday so ventured across the street to walk through this as well.  I think this is Jacinthe favourite thing to do, walk around taking pictures in the market, Andre likes it too, but Jacinthe really loves it.

We stopped for breakfast at a little spot near the main square.  Nothing too exciting, but it was time for a break.

Love their license plates

restaurant for breakfast

Love doors in doors

Decided it is getting hot so time to head back to Merida.  Easy bus ride home and taxi back to our house.  It is getting later in the day so head to Santa Lucia square to see the locals dancing and live music.  Last week when we were here we saw a lady making tacos in the square that I really wanted to try.  She was so careful when handling money, and wouldn’t shake peoples hands, I really wanted to try her food.  These were delicious, we will be making this a Sunday afternoon treat every week we are in town.

Lunch in Santa Lucia Park

We will visit her every Sunday that we are here

Lunch and dancing

The rest of the afternoon we spent by the pool, drinking frozen drinks and reading.  This has definitely turned into a pattern. 

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