Saturday, March 31, 2018

Groceries and exploring town

Wendy stayed home this morning to make sure all her internet connections worked ok. I headed early to go to the market to get groceries as the fridge is empty. The market is about a 15 minutes walk at the end of the street from where we are staying. What a great market especially for fruit and vegetables but you can get almost anything. I explored the market, walking around at first before filling my groceries bags. The food is not expensive at all. I spent about 90 minutes before heading home with 2 full bags. I am sure I will be returning here often and Jacinthe will want to spend some time here as well. Will take more pictures in the future.

A Haircut at the barber and fresh squeezed juices.

One of 2 regular grocery store in the center of old town.  It is 500 meters from our house.

Not a good spot to have a hamburger stand under a tree full of birds

He gave me a piece of fish to try

Lots of habanero peppers for sale

Lots of restaurants at the far end of the market. The bigger ones have char broiled pork or chicken that you can buy by the Kilo.

After filling our bellies, we went out for a short walk to Santa Lucia Park and then continued to a regular grocery to complete the initial shopping spree.

Tourist Police, here to help you

Santa Lucia Park

In the regular size chairs. I need a selfie stick.

The houses are all painted in alternating colours. No same colour for 2 houses in a row. Not my fault that she walked right into my picture

A party somewhere.

Cigarette & gum sellers busy on their cell phone

Just because the walk sign is on, does not mean you can walk.  Traffic cops are overriding the lights to keep traffic moving during busy time.

Many level of police

We understand that the baggers are working for tips, no pay, mostly it is seniors that are helping bag groceries

We spend the rest of the afternoon around the pool which may become a ritual as the weather gets very hot in the middle of the day.

We went out to explore this afternoon. Mostly around the main square called Plaza Grande. Our first stop was the Government Palace. We were told by Neil that there would be guards at the entrance and just to walk by them. Beautiful courtyard with the interior painted in green. The second floor has large painting on the walls and beautiful views of the square and the Cathedral.

Of course we needed to stop for an ice cream break. For those who know me, that is no surprise. A few of the buildings around the main square have porticoes which reminds us of Bologna Italy.

Lots of vendors set up in the Plaza Grande

Our next stop is Casa Montego Museum on the main square. It is an old mansion restored to the 16th century with a couple of photo galleries. My camera lens is acting up, not sure if it is the heat that is causing it or not but I could only take a few pictures from our visit to the museum. Will most likely return with Jacinthe and Lisa for another visit.

We ended up our walk at Majorada Park where the have a flower exhibit. My camera let me take 1 picture of it. We will be returning again here.

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