Friday, March 30, 2018

Merida, here we come

Friday, March 30th

Our trip to Merida Mexico starts in Toronto. We spent the last 10 days in Roatan Honduras with Joey and Liam and return from there to Toronto last night. Wish we could have flown directly from Roatan to Merida which is about 800 KM. But there is no such thing and other options than returning to Toronto were either just as long in time or more expensive. We used Air Transat to fly back and forth to Roatan and it was reasonable price. The good news in all this is that we got to spend an extra day with Joey and Liam. Joey and Liam had an early flight back to Calgary. We said our goodbyes knowing that we would see Joey this Summer. We went back to bed hoping to catch a couple more hours of sleep.

We took the 9AM shuttle to the airport as our flight was at 12:40. We should have taken the 10AM one as we were there too early. Our route to Merida is via Houston Texas. We had a 90 minutes layover which was as good as you want. No big rush at the airport running to gates. We grabbed something to eat at a nice restaurant. Did not have time to explore the airport but it looked nice.

Quick flight to Merida, only 2 hours from Houston. Arrive in Mexico and went thru immigration without any problems. For Taxis you go to an outside booth where you tell the cashier where you want to go. She then tells you how much. Downtown is only about 6 KM from the airport. $200 Pesos which is about $15.00 Canadian, includes a bottle of water and some cookies!

We get to the house, Casa Canton, around 7PM where Neil the property manager is waiting for us and gives us the tour of the house and a rundown on a few things. Will take pictures of the house later when I have more time but here is a picture of the dinning room.

We head out to find somewhere to get something to eat. 2 priorities, Mexican food and Margaritas. We checked out a few restaurants around a square, Santa Lucia Park, that is 2 block from the house but these were too fancy for us tonight. Perhaps some other night. 1/2 a block away we found a place that was perfect for us tonight. Wendy had enchiladas with green salsa and I choose mole sauce for mine. 2 rounds of margaritas, because you just can't have one on your first night in Mexico, unwritten rule. We sat in the restaurant courtyard. Nothing fancy here, plastic chairs and table. The waiter who may also been the owner was quick. A table of 12 arrived and he had no problems dealing with a few tables plus the large table. Wish we knew what they were ordering as it looked very good. Mostly appetizers style food. The restaurant had a very nice mural. Supper came to $25 which we were happy to pay.

In Santa Lucia Park.
This looks like what we are looking for

Our first night supper

Mural at the restaurant

After supper we went for a short walk before heading home to bed.

No 45 minutes wait, lots of Marquesitas makers in town.

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