Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Beach walk and Supper West End

Roosters wake up at 4AM!  This is going to be a trend for the week I am afraid.
While Liam slept, the rest of us went for a walk on the beach before breakfast.

The main lodge at Puerta Azul

This is why is it called Puerta Azul, great marketing idea



I don't read Spanish but know to keep away. I don't think it says Come and pet my dog

I guess they don't want other people on their pier

Beach road

Some type of Heron

A load of plantain going to the market

I am sure this ladder is to the building code

Did not see anyone using this beach

Today we take full advantage of snorkeling.  We all made it out to the reef and spent a lot of time there.  Andre and I then ventured on to Spooky Channel, which is a little further swim, but it is so calm out it is like a lake with no ripples at all.  Spooky Channel is where some boats bring their clients for snorkeling, and lots of divers outside the reef.  We had the place to ourselves today.  This is a channel that runs through the reef, it is up to 95 feet deep along the wall and you can see quite clearly right along the wall.  I definitely know where the name comes from, I did find it a little spooky, but then you just swim beside the wall on top of the reef, and then venture back out over the channel again.  It was very cool.  The swim here did give us some of the most beautiful fan coral we have ever seen, the colors were just amazing.  It is so clear and pretty, really like a dream. 
Here are a few pictures of todays snorkeling trips from the pier.

One of the largest Barracuda I have ever seen and I have seen amny.

Looks like these 2 guys were kissing????

Brain Coral

Spooky Channel, the narrow part, 95 feet deep.

Saw lots of these H Shaped Jelly fish but they did not bother us.

Spooky Channel

This afternoon we were just swimming around the dock then decided to go for a short snorkel, Andre didn’t bring his camera so of course 2 spotted eagle rays swim right by us. 

To avoid the bug bites we have decided our place to sit today and the rest of the week will be the end of the dock.  There is a palapa there so we can escape the sun.  There are 2 hammocks, as well as 3 benches, and for extra seating we also decide to carry out a beach chair.  No more bug bites for us.  I have also decided to call this our living room.

Liam LOVES having his picture taken and then tagged on Facebook

The scenery is great

Got one smiling

Here is the inside of out little casita.

Woodpecker outside of our casita

Before supper, we went to the beach to check out the sunset.

Geckos mating

Supper tonight we decide to go to Anthonys Chicken in West End, about a 15 minute drive from Sandy Bay, the area we are staying.  To get there tonight we take a collective type van that pulls over.  We must be into scary travels to dinner because this was another one.  I have no idea how he say anything out of his windshield it was so dirty, but we made it.  We weren’t sure how much it would cost and ended up paying too much and we knew that because when he let us out and we paid him he asked us if he could come back and pick us up later lol.

Dinner was good again, Joey and I had Batallas, which are a traditional kind of tortilla wrap, Liam and Andre had jerk chicken, Andre had beer, Liam and Fanta (probably) and Joey and I water.  Grand total $21.00 USD.  Price is right, we hope to get back again one day.

Where you wait to get a ride to town

Jerk Chicken being grilled

Menu on the wall for ordering


Main Street West End

Large crab on the road

Bars at night

Back to our casita and it is a new card game tonight, Dutch Blitz.  I am not so fast at this, can’t tell the colors apart in the dark outside, and Liam is too fast.  Still a fun game that we may invest in when we get home. 

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