Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cap Sant Antoni and the Windmills

My back is feeling much better this morning.  Wendy and I headed for the beach area this morning.  I walk at a brisk pace while Wendy would jog ahead of me and return to meet me, and then she would walk for a while then repeat the process.  This was the first time that we were at the beach area in the morning.  It was strange having almost no one there at 8:30 in the morning. The promenade was being cleaned by the city workers and a few restaurants were washing their windows.   The sea was very calm as there was no wind this morning.

Morning beach shot

After breakfast, I walk to get some groceries for lunch & supper.  It is about 10-15 minutes to walk there.  The couple that we rented the apartment told us about ice cream that the store carries.  I think it comes in 4 flavours: Orange, Lemon, Coconut and pineapple.  I bought a lemon one.  It is a lemon that has been hollowed and filled with lemon ice cream.  Can you spelled delicious, D E L I C I O U S in case you had problem spelling it.  As some of you know, I kinda have a fancy for ice cream; well this was one of the best I ever had.  I gave Wendy a taste and she agrees 100%.  One taste actually turned out to many tastes but she finally said go ahead and finish it.  I may need to buy 2 the next time.
This week, the town sailing club is hosting a competition which is the same format as the Americas Cup.  There are some boats from a few countries competing.  I could see them either practicing or competing when I walked to go get groceries.  They are not too far from shore.  If we are not going somewhere after work today, we will probably walk to the port area and watch them.  They are doing some format today & tomorrow to decide the top 4 team.  Semi-finals on Saturday and the final on Sunday.  

Sail boat race

This is the view from our street

THE BEST ice cream ever!!!

For our lunch time walk, we walked towards old town but not all the way.  The road we take cuts thru orange orchards and it is very pretty.  Last time we walked there, small yellow flowers were out between the orange trees. It is very pretty.  Also you the walk you can see the abandoned windmills that sits on top of the hill that is behind the town.  We plan go for a hike there one of these day as there is also a lighthouse at the end of the hill and the view of the town is supposed to be amazing.  Maybe tonight we will make it there, all depending on the weather.  Sometimes in the afternoon it gets cloudy and breezy.

Lunch time break walk

Grape vines just starting to get some green on them

All these yellow flowers have just come out since we have been here

Windmills on top of mountain from 1400's

Don't think I would trust this boat, no it is not a Carnival ship

Lunch time following our walk

This afternoon while I was on the patio the mailman delivered the mail across the street.  It is different than home.  He rides a scooter.  He drove right up to the mailbox on the sidewalk.  Did not get off his scooter, drop the mail and rode on to his next stop.

Mail delivery

One of my duties besides of doing groceries, meals, taking pictures, planning trip, and blog writing is doing the laundry.   We have a small front loading washing machine and it does not hold much.  A small laundry basket, I think the instruction says no more than 5 KG.  We have no dryer in this place so there are clotheslines on the rooftop.  So in the morning before we go for our walk I load up the machine and put a tablet inside which I now remember to take the wrapping off.  The machine takes about 1 hour to run.  I then hang the laundry on the clotheslines that are on the rooftop.  There is usually a nice breeze up there and the clothes dry up fairly fast which is good since we sometimes have afternoon showers.  There are 12 apartments in our complex and there are 12 clotheslines.  Right now I think only 5 of the apartment have people in them.  The busy season is July and August, so the lines must be busy as they are not very long.  Yesterday I needed over 2 lines for my load.

Laundry time

After Wendy was done work we decided to drive to the lighthouse which is behind the port area of town.  The GPS took us via very windy road to take us to the top of the hill which is 500 feet above sea level.  The roads were not very wide and we think it was 2 way streets but not sure as we did not encounter any cars to Wendy relief.  The views of the sea and the town from the top were nothing but amazing. We stopped at 2 or 3 lookouts and enjoyed the views.  I told Wendy we would go down using another road which was not as twisty. 

View of town from the lighthouse, the inlet you see is where the beach pictures were from this morning

We stopped on the way back to look at some windmills that we can see from town.  I think there are about 10 of them. They were built between the 1300s and 1700s.   The view, once again, are beautiful.  You can see more inland than from the lighthouse and closer to old town.  You can see all the orange orchards that are behind the town in the countryside.  The road that takes us down is also twisty but not as bad and it is much wider.  Good thing as we encountered a few cars.  I imagine most people take this road and not the other one we took going up.  We did end up driving thru old town on small narrow road but no problem.

Windmills up close

Windy roads!

We had an early supper 8:30 tonight.  I cooked artichoke for an appetizer which I had bought earlier today.  Hard to pass on them when they are 30 cents each compare to $2.00 at home.  I also did some piri-piri sliced turkey breast.  I may have put a little too much spice on them as Wendy said her lips were on fire.  We enjoyed the bottle of white wine that the owners had left in the fridge for us as a welcome gift.  It was very nice for a change as we have been drinking red wine so far.
We tried to find the masters on TV but they only had the ladies Nabisco and then the Valero Open.  Come to realize that the masters are next weekend.  It was funny watching it as they mostly commented on European players with a few comments once in a while about the American.  This was the first time we turned on the TV since we got here.

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