Friday, March 23, 2012

Portuguese Shopping mall

The internet worked when we got up this morning and then it stopped. We waited until 9 to phone the tech guy since he was on the night shift yesterday. He said I will come this afternoon. He starts work at 2 PM. At 10:30 he calls and says I will be there in 5 minutes. He replaced the modem and changed the connectors at the wall plug. Worked good since then. I hope that will be the end of our internet problems. The tech guy said to phone him directly if we have more problems. Not sure if we would get the same thing from Rogers at home.

Went for our usual lunchtime walk. The wind was up a bit today, so it was fresher when walking along the beach. Once you got away from shore, it was nice and warm but not the 26 that the folks in NB were enjoying.

After work we headed to an outdoor shopping mall about 10 minute ride from here. There was about 100 stores on 2 floors. This is an open air mall. This is where we had done our first grocery shopping when we got here but since then we found one in town. Somewhere in last weekend trip we (could be me) lost our Portugal travel guide. So we were on the lookout for a bookstore that has English books. Found a bookstore and the English section. One shelf from floor to ceiling but no travel books. Looked in the travel section and they had a few good choices. Picked one that was 10 euros. I am happy now as I can plan our last week holiday in northern Portugal and Lisbon. The mall was pretty much the same as ours but not many brand stores that we have. We picked up a cooked chicken at the grocery store since we were there already. We asked for piri-piri sauce but it was not as good as we had other times but still good. We ventured to another small complex (10 stores) across the street as we saw there was an Nike outlet store. We did not find anything and the prices were not that great. Wendy did find a purse she was looking for at another store.

Indoor-Ourdoor Shopping mall.

After supper, we walked into town. I took some pictures of the restaurant at nighttime. Still pretty quiet. Talked to one of the restaurant guys we knew and he told us it will be like this until Easter week where it would be busy. Then quiet again until May.

We see this guy at least twice a day.  It is always.  When you going to come in.

We see this sign flashing every night from our apartment window

La Ruina restaurant, one of the ``better`` restaurants in town

One of the busier restaurant, overlooks the beach

At the square they have statues of a Portuguese family pulling their fishing boat to shore. It is very well done.

Back at the apartment we decide to try a movie I had bought at the market for 1 Euro. To our surprise it worked perfectly. We watched The Double with Richard Gere while sipping a glass of port. We both liked the movie.

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