Thursday, March 1, 2012

All set to go. One more sleep

Just put in the last log into the wood stove fot this winter. -10 outside now.  Nice and warn inside.  Sure hope it is not that cold when we get back and need to make a fire.

The suitcases are packed and ready to go. Just have to pack all the electonics stuff tomorrow.  Cameras/ GPS/ phones/ Chargers/ Laptops and tons of cables and bathroom stuff.

Wendy sorted out the flight stuff with Orbitz and Continental.  Ended up with the same flight we first had but with better seats than we first had because the agent felt sorry for taking so long.

Calling for a bit of snow in Halifax tomorrow.  Hope all goes well and no major delays.  It will take close to 24 hours to go from door to door if all goes well. Can't imagine that we will be up late on Saturday night.

Will try to do a short post on flights and the trip from Lisbon to our apartment in Albufeiria.
Here is a link to the apartment we rented:

The are a few pictures of the place and albufeira on the site as well.


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