Saturday, April 27, 2024

Toulouse Markets

Put my pictures from the 2 markets that we visited today into one post.

Both were a bit busier today as it is Saturday.  Both market are very clean and have quality vendors.  They both have multi level parking on the top of it. They don't really look like market.

The first one is the Carmes Market which is the area we are staying in.  It is just about 50 steps from our front door.  It has a few restaurant/bars attached to it facing the streets.

The second one is the Victor Hugo Market and is located near the center of town. A little bit more upscale with the product they have for sale.  A bit larger than the Carmes Market as well.  It has 5 restaurants on the second floors and tables outside that you can order food inside and you can take it outside.  It was actually very busy and we did not stay long to take pictures.

At the Carmes Market.

Cassoulet to take home

The local sausages

Coffee shop outside the entrance

At the Victor Hugo Market

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