Saturday, April 13, 2024


 Today our plan is to go visit some spots that are really only accessible by bus, tram, metro and funicular , and we did them all.

We started off by going to what is called Confluence, this is where the Rhone and Saone rivers meet. This is also an area that has been totally redefined starting in the 2000's and is the newest part of Lyon. Crazy architecture here. There is a beautiful museum that we were told about on our walking tour, you can enter without a ticket to go to the top floor for the views, beautiful. This is also where the Orange Cube and the Green Cube are, Green Cube is where the headquarters of EuroNews is.

After visiting this area of the city we moved on to various spots to see murals. We had to have seen 40 murals today, it was lots of fun trying to find them. My favourites were Tony Garnier Urban Museum, this was an amazing area that had 24 murals on sides of apartments buildings depicting an ideal city of 35,000 people. Another favourite was La Tour de Babel. Hard to pick, of the list we had only 1 had been kind of “tagged” and ruined, all the others were really well done. Unfortunately the most famous one we were not able to get to by transit today because of protests, wow the French love their protests, hoping to make it tomorrow, and if not by bus we will walk. We had lunch at Halles Paul Bocuse, which is possibly the nicest market we have ever been to, all indoors and very very nice. Lots of nice restaurants to choose from, and upscale products to purchase. Totally in contrast to a market we went through earlier today on our search for murals that was inexpensive, dirty, and packed with people, but lots of fun too.

After lunch made our way close to home to visit the Roman Ruins. They are on the same hill as the Basilica, so visited both. It made it to 25 today, so it was hot at the ruins, and oh so many more people about. They had things going on for the kids at the ruins, and the museum there was free today so lots of people taking advantage of that. No idea why it was free, but we took advantage of it for a break from the sun, and to skip a bunch of stairs up to the Basilica. There was a service going on in the Basicila, a quick trip to the crypt and around the inside and then off outside for the views one more time.

Back home just after 6PM, since we left at 10AM it was another full day. Tomorrow is our last full day here and a couple of things on our list to see, we shall see how we do.

Steps 20,000 or 12.5 km.

A small used book market next to the Cathedral.

A 1958 MGA, I was told, the predecessor to the MGB

The Saturday market is a lot bigger than earlier this week.

Where the Rhone and Saone meet

A school trip having fun

Part of the museum, cool architecture

Natural History Museum
Whale skeleton

Cool Modern Architecture in this area

2 river cruise boat in town today

On the mural hunt

Homage to Diego Rivera mural

A large market with many locals doing their shopping.
4Euro for 1 kg of strawberries, Great price compared to the supermarket
The same for the rest of the vegetables and stuff

French versus Spanish strawberry prices. We went for the cheap one and the were good

They sell the vegetable by the bin

At the ideal city murals, 24 of them altogether with a few other ones mixed in as well

One celebrating Quebec 400th anniversary

A very large cemetery but we only checked the entrance

The Radisson Hotel

The Orchestra Hall

The parking at the Paul Bocuse Halles with a business tower


The cinema mural

First metro of this whole trip

At the Roman ruins
Aqueduct remains

Odeon Theater seated 3000

The Larger theater could seat 10,000

Lots of Beautiful Romain ruins at the theater

A few beautiful mosaics as well

They also had a temporary Lego exhibit

The top of the Basilica

Amazing details in and out

The Chapelle next to the Basilica

At the church inside the crypt.
The Crypt is as large as a normal church and also amazing

Inside the Cathedral

Massive brass doors

The Eiffel tower. Used to be able to go up but is now a telecommunication tower.

Lyon from the Basilica

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