Friday, February 24, 2017

Rainy day in Lucca

Our first rainy day here in Lucca so far. We both relax this morning until Wendy started work at 9. I then spend the morning surfing the web, working on the blog and basically just being lazy. It felt good just to give my legs a break from all the walking we have been doing.

I made a clean up the fridge salad topped with a can of tune in olive oil. Afterwards we headed for a walk into town as the rain had somewhat stopped. We put on our rain jackets and brought an umbrella just in case. We only had small intermittent showers. A few puddles on the road which made for some interesting pictures opportunities. Also people walking with umbrella, more photo opps.

Lots of umbrellas out today

Different cake toppers for sale, there are 2 shops very close to each other selling these

Colourful umbrellas for sale

Quiet day in the amphitheatre today

Scraping the plaster off the side of the building

Truck in the air!

Keeping the seat dry

We stopped at a pastry shop and had our first cannoli. They were good but not cheap at 1.5 Euro each and they were more like 2 bite size. Walked around for Wendy and walked back most of the way with her towards the apartment up to the point that I knew she only had 2 turns to make it back.

Lots of people biking with umbrellas


I explore town looking for a few more photo opportunities that the rain had given me. I stayed out until 4:30 knowing that I needed a short rest before Wendy was done work at 5 and she would want to go for a walk then.

Beautiful reflection in the puddles

Inside a bank

Washing the dirt off the rink

For our pre-supper walk, we stop by a government office near our place. The ceiling are amazing.

Then we ended up at a Villa that I had been at last week but Wendy had not seen yet. They were showing an Italian movie and a presentation on something with a guess speaker was starting in about 15 minutes. We passed on both of those things. The villa also serves as an art gallery with a few rooms have paintings. The ceilings in this place are just amazing.

On the way back home, we were looking for bread to go with supper. Saw a drugs store/tobacco shop/bar/restaurant/pastry shop store which had a few loafs of bread. They also had cannoli so we decided to have one more each as these were on .6 Euro each. I ask how much the bread would be 3Euro? He said less than that. Here they weight the bread and you pay by the kilo. Went to the cash and it ended up being 2.15 Euro altogether. I guess there was a discount because we were late in the day.

On the way home we saw a shoe store. We had gone into a store last night that were doing a clearance sale but she had not found anything. This store had Ecco shoes on special. Wendy tried a pair of patent leather sneaker like shoes that she liked and she decided to get them. They were 60 Euros but here the tax is included in the price you see. She says that they are really comfy. (I hope they stay comfy or Lucille will get another pair of Ecco's). No shoe pictures tonight but maybe at a later date.

Antique shoe making machine

Back at the apartment, I made a pasta sauce with Italian sausages which was serve on tagliatelle pasta. Of course we had a nice bottle of Chianti red wine that went very well together.

After dinner was done, I wrote up today's blogs as we will be away for the weekend and are leaving early tomorrow morning. We are going to Cinque Terre which is a collection of small villages on the Italian Riviera. I am not bringing my laptop with me as we will be hiking/walking a lot.

As I am working on Pictures for the blog, the rain started coming down like Cats & Dogs. Happy we did not go for an after supper walk otherwise we would be finding a bar to go and wait out the rain. Mmmmm maybe I am not so happy we did not go for that walk after all.

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  1. Great work using the water for reflexion a. Very nice. Have a great weekend. Can't wait to hear about Cinque terre.


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