Saturday, 5 November 2016

Palm Springs Day 1

On our way to Palm Springs! Our friends Gilles and John bought a condo here a few years ago and we have always said we wanted to go for a visit, finally this is the year. We got flights on points, and a room across the street from them using the RCI deals for 200.00 for a week, so far cost is excellent, we’ll see once we get there and everything costs us 35% extra with the terrible exchange.

The problem with using flight points is the terrible flights you often get. We flew Moncton-Toronto-Washington-Denver-Palm Springs. The good thing is we had very short connections so we didn’t spend much time in airports, the bad thing is we had very short connections so no time to spare, we only ended up running for 1 flight so all went well. We were actually upgraded to the extra leg room on two of the flights, a nice bonus especially for Andre.

Our flight from Denver to Palm Springs took us over some absolutely beautiful scenery. It was a beautiful clear day so we had some amazing views. Really looking forward to doing some exploring over the next few days.

Views from the plane, I lost the window seat at this point!

Lots of green golf courses below!

We loved Palm Springs Airport. It is very small, and the different terminals are all outside. You walk outside from your plane to the little terminal, then outside again to where all the terminals meet to pick up your luggage. It reminded us of the first times we flew south, it has been a long time since we have exited a plane and got to stay outside walking to the luggage.

Love outside terminals! 

Speaking of heat, it was 31 when we landed, and it is true it does not feel that hot.
Gilles and John picked us up at the airport and gave us a little tour by car of Palm Springs. Parts of the main street were closed as it is Pride weekend and different festivals are going on. We will be going to the Pride parade tomorrow so will get to see a lot more then.

Next stop was checking in at our place. We are pretty much across the street from Gilles and Johns place. This is really a throwback to the 70’s, not sure if much renovation has gone on since then. We have a studio room with full fridge, stove, dishwasher, but I don’t think we’ll be using much of the kitchen. It is perfect for a week stay. They have a small pool outside, but I think any pool time will be spent at Gilles and Johns who have a beautiful pool area. Quick change into cooler clothes and we are off to see Gilles and Johns. They have a really nice spot, perfect for 2 people, and so easy for them to get to from Calgary. They bought here 5 years ago and have really put their touch on their place, it is perfect. Met a lot of their friends that were around the pool celebrating a 60th birthday party.

Supper tonight was in. They made a yummy salad, BBQ pork and sweet potatoes. It felt good to have a nice meal after such a long day of travel. A couple of drinks and a quick stop to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store, then off to bed around 10. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

This is the party place right beside our swanky condo.  It was hopping and loud on the week-end, lots of pool parties

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