Friday, April 11, 2014

Last full day in Nerja

A bit of overcast skies this morning.  Kinda the way I feel about today.  Out last full day in Nerja. L  We moved the car for up the road to closer the apartment since we will need to load it tomorrow. We have been lucky to always find a parking spot on our street except for 1 time where we had to park a little bit further.

Moving our big car, Wendy is getting good at parallel parking
We headed out for our jog along the beach for the last time as tomorrow we are planning to go thru town.  Nothing to exciting was happening this morning.  Usual amount of people walking and a few jogging and running.  Most people do not jog at our pace, only a few of the fast walkers can keep up with us.

Reflect the way we feel today, sad about our last run along the beach

We did our last load of laundry with the hope that it is not going to rain. Otherwise we will need to find a Laundromat to get the clothes dry. Did the blog and posted it.  The apartment internet was very slow this morning.  Usually it is worst at night as people are watching internet TV and the whole south of Spain gets slow because of it.  Not sure if we mentioned this before of not but Wendy is using a satellite device that we got at a store near us.  The company is Nerja Wifi. It cost 30€ to rent the device and an additional 15€ for every gig that you use. They were working on a volume deal but did get a supplier in time for us to take advantage of this.  The nice thing with this device is that it works all over Spain.  We were able to take it with us on the weekends while we travelled.  We just need to return the device when we leave as we paid a deposit on it.  The speed has been good and Wendy has been able to Skype with clients on conference calls and demos.  No problems connecting to work as well with it.  I have been using the apartment internet 95% of the time and it is good to check emails and a bit of surfing here and there and keeping the blog up to date but not dependable for Wendy’s work.

For lunch, Wendy made a large salad to try to clean out the fridge as much as possible including a package of smoked salmon, 3 avocadoes and feta cheese. I added the leftover brie cheese and cured ham which I enjoyed with my last of the 12 beers I bought 5 weeks ago.

We did a quick walk to the information center to see if anything was happening for Holy week tonight.  As far as they knew nothing was going on but we will keep our eyes open tonight. On the way back we checked to see if the apartment owners were at Vicentes as they said they were coming to town today.  Not there. A new store had opened across the street this week.  They had a grand opening night with food and wine but Wendy did not want to crash the party.  I am sure with our 25 words of Spanish we manage to mispronounce, nobody would have known that we were not invited or locals. We went to check it out on our way back to the apartment. It was all products of Spain including some cork bracelet and watches.  Wendy found a nice watch and it will be a good souvenir. She can wear it for après golf with her new sandals now.  And best of all, the hour numbers are not tiny, so she will be able to tell time. We also stop by one of the shops by our place that sells belts, purses etc.. I picked up a belt for me and one for Brian for a grand total of 8€.

Around 3PM, I decided to go out for a walk and go check out the beaches.  The first one was below our place.  There were a number of people in the water, more than I have seen so far and many more on the beach as well.  It may warrant going for a dip later.  Will work on Wendy on that one.  Following the shore I walk to the next on the right side of the Balcon as I had heard there was a small cave somewhere there. I think I found it but I was not going under the rocks to check it out.  I then walk the walkway under the Balcon and explored beaches there without going into the area that is off limit if coming from the other side.  Club med was in full force on both beaches today as the weather is in the low 20s.

At the far end of the beach below us

Sane spot

The water is very clear today

On one of the balconies near the Balcon

Lotto ticket booth near the Balcon

The candy store

Mobile candy store

The tourist train is full today

Next it was tapas times.  I stopped at this place which I am not sure might be a senior home or something but the sign outside said open to the public. It is on the right of where the tourist train park near the square.  Anyway the sign says tapas & beer 1€.  How could I not go in?  I choose some type of meat in a sauce not knowing what it was and a beer. The waitress says it is rabbit.   Great. It did not take long before I finished both my beer and the rabbit and a second repeat was in order.  It was delicious.  The meat was tender and tasty.  The cook came out at one point and I asked her if she had cooked this. Yes was the answer and I gave her my compliments.  Well 2€ later & a tip and I am out of there happy to have stopped in.

My rabbit tapas

At 5 we headed to the beach as the water seemed a lot warmer today.  NOT the case, pretty much the same as earlier in the week.  I went in for a quick dip while Wendy watched.  We then stayed on the beach until about 6:30.  The sun was out and it was very nice and warm.

Busier today

Short dip

Enjoying the sun

When I got home, I made us a small glass of sangria each with the little bit of wine that was leftover.  I made us a garlicky sautéed mushroom & artichoke heart tapas to go with our sangria.  I may have been a tad heavy on the garlic.  We will see what the people we sit next to tonight have to say or if they move away from us.

We played our cribbage early tonight which I am happy to report that I won 2 games in a row.  I was so happy to win the first game since I hadn’t won a game in 2 nights. 

We went out for supper around 8:30.  Showed Wendy where I went for my 1€ tapas but they were not open. We then walked around the Balcon and headed to Little Italy tonight for our third visit here. I had Seafood Linguini and Wendy had lasagna.  Both meal were very good except for the lasagna could have been a little bit hotter.  We each had a glass of red wine and the bill was 13€ with tips which us one of the main reasons we return to this restaurant besides the fact that the food is also very good.

Seafood linguini at Little Italy

We finished the evening going to a glass of red wine and cheese tapas at the round bar. 

The round bar
Got home and Wendy Skype her two sisters while I completed the blog for the day.  I also chatted on Facebook with Nancy as they have boarded their cruise boat. I think all of our time on the satellite has now been used up, but Wendy is now on vacation and no longer needs it.

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