Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Windy Tuesday

The wind picked up overnight as forecasted.  We woke up in the middle of the night to some noise. You would think that living in stone/cement house that it would be super quiet but it is not. I checked around the apartment and it was not us. Looked outside but could not see anything. When we left for our morning walk, we noticed that the hotel next to us has a sun shade that was flapping in the wind.   Mystery solved and I am sure we will sleep better tonight even if the wind is up.

There are 2 elevated lookouts that we go up and down for an extra leg workout

The car is still there from Sunday night

The water is going sideways today

No still water today

Time to fix the nets on this windy day

Normally it is like a mirror in the morning

For our afternoon walk we walked the small street in town as the wind was still up and it was chilly, about 12 degrees , I think it was about 10 with a Windchill of 8 in the norming.

Love the saddle bags

Stopped by the market to see if they had some burnt ricotta cheese but the market was all done for the day, just the clean up.

The waves were now bigger and breaking onshore

I went for a short walk by myself to check out the provincial information center. Looking for some towns where I could do a bus trip. No such luck. Still very windy and lots of breakers on the side of the island near where we are.

We decided to do the walk before supper as it would be somewhat warmer than after. Did the back street as it was not so windy as compared to the water. Found out where to buy water from a machine. Only .06 Euro per litre, that will be one of my jobs from now on. No camera tonight except for the cell phone as it was too cold

So that I can remember where the machine is

I reheated the leftover curry for supper. Still delicious if I say so myself. Afterward we watched American Idol winning auditions on YouTube. Was fun as they only showed the best ones.  Still haven't turned the TV on here, not sure if we get any English channels or not

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