Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Monday


Today started off with us needing to return the car rental.  They are not open on Sundays, and it needed to be back at 9AM today.  This works out perfectly as we go for a walk around 7:45.  Today we walked around the outside of the Island, beautiful skies, another nice day.  We had time to pick up supplies at the outdoor market, usually Andre has been doing this but I wanted strawberries for breakfast so I was along today too.  Managed to fill 2 bags with fresh veggies, and some curry so Andre is going to attempt a curry tonight for supper. We also bought some fresh oranges which we will make fresh squeezed OJ. The oranges were .75 Euro for a kilo, so about $1.50 Canadian for a 3 pound bag of oranges. The curry was very expensive, about $8.00 Canadian for a small bag, definitely not bulk barn price but probably closer to what you pay at Sobeys in small packages. We will not run out of curry this trip.

Dropped the car off and told them see you next week-end.  The full parking lot that we parked in last night was pretty much empty this morning.  Not sure if we should try to come back later next week?

Started a load of laundry before we left for our morning walk, it was done when we got home!  So Rapido setting for the rest of our stay it is, no more 3 hours to do a load of laundry.

House with 4 cats tile mosaics. The bottom left tiles is in the shape of Sicily.

Overcast day

Most houses have balconies with some with lots of plant pots

Monday morning
So many fish

I should buy/rent a rod

Fisherman coming in

 At the market there were a few extra vendors this morning.

Fresh Basil for your pesto and pizza

About 50 cents a pound

Spend a good part of the morning working on the pictures for the weekend. Did not bring a laptop as we did not want to leave it in the car while we were out sightseeing.  Then work on the blog.  Late walk at lunch as Wendy had a call at 2PM. The usual walk around the island.

Buoy made out of Styrofoam. good recycling.

This man had the longest fishing rod and scoop I have ever seen. About 20 feet long.

Getting a tour, we will do it later when it calls for a nice windless day.

Egret fishing

Before supper, we went looking for coconut milk at the 2 small grocery stores that are on the island. No such luck but did buy some other groceries at the first one and some bottled water. I saw a place on the island where we could refill them but now I need to find that place again and figure out how to work it. Water is about $1.00 Canadian for a 2 liter bottle but much cheaper if you go off the island but it is about 1.5 KM walk back to the apartment, so we buy it on the island so far.

After dropping the groceries off we  headed to the 2nd grocery store which is only about 5 minutes from the apartment but no coconut milk there either but we did get some whipping cream to make the curry sauce with.

Spend part of the afternoon looking at where we are going next weekend. I little better planning is needed as Sunday, we missed out on a couple of places since we did not know exactly where we were going.

The laundry was not 100% dry even if it was sunny today. Our little balcony is sheltered and there is no wind. We took the clothes to the dinning room to finish drying overnight. There a split that pushes hot air, so they will dry nicely there.

Made the curry and turned out nice with the whipping cream and milk, it was a mild curry. I don't think Italians do anything very spicy except for garlic.

After supper we walked around town to complete our 20,000 steps (15KM). My phone is always about 10% less than Wendy in steps but about the same distance. I been using Wendy phone in my steps, and if she gets 20K, I am happy.  Many restaurants and shops are closed on Monday. We walked a few side street/alley and ended at the Duomo Piazza. Hard to believe that this is only 24 hours ago. Yesterday there were mobs of people everywhere. Tonight we basally have the streets to ourselves. The main square has about 10 people compared to hundred last night.

Love the little side streets 

Beer vending machine

Duomo, see how quiet it is

Nobody at the restaurant, packed last night

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