Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Around Town


Today started off with our what has become our normal 1 hour walk before work starts for Wendy, except a bird pooped on her head so that cut it a little short.  Sorry no picture of Wendys hair with poop in it.

Someone with money

The fisherman only take the fish out of the nets at the wharf.

Cats hoping to be fed

Quickest cat gets the best piece

A lot easier than carrying the bags up the strairs

Back to the apartment and always a fun time, the first load of laundry.  3 hours later it is still washing, does this count as it being washed twice.  We notice there is a Rapido knob that we will definitely try next time.  Right now it is 4:30PM and the laundry is now hanging in the living room, it got outside 2 hours later than planned.

Back to the market today and bought 2kg of mussels, fennel and a fresh loaf of bread for supper.  The mussels look wild, I have a bit of cleaning to do. Followed a back street from the market home, there are so many different streets to follow.

The sandwich guys at the market. Huge and will feed 2 people

Where I got my mussels, tons of fish choices

Just like home, you get a reject sticker if you don't follow the rules

Lunch time today we went to the Tourist Information but it was just closing, will go there again tomorrow earlier.  It is only open in the mornings from 9:30AM to 1PM.  When we told her we were here for 6 weeks she said come back tomorrow and she will give us lots of information.

There are boat tour vendors along our walk, as well as many many guys selling sunglasses, you know the 5 Euro ray ban ones?  How can these guys be set up every 20 feet with all the same junk.  We did talk with a boat tour seller, of course he offered us 10 Euro off each, you go around this Island and visit some caves as well.  We may do it one lunch hour, Wendy will need to extend her lunch a bit.

At the market there a restaurant selling platters of cheeses and meats.

Extra large sandwich again

After Wendy was done work, we headed to go see a photo exhibit which is in town off the island.  We stopped at a couple of churches along the way there.

The exhibit was on the people of the Andes, small but beautiful photos. This exhibit runs for 2 more weeks. Then a new one in April and this will be on the town we are in. Will return for that one.

Made the mussels for super, I may have put a tad too much salt but otherwise they were good with the fennel, onions & carrots.  Once done with supper, Wendy wanted to go for another walk as she had not reach her goal of 20,000 steps.  We walked towards the Duomo taking many small street.. Found where the puppet theatre is and we will return for a show which is at 5PM.

Puppet repair shop

For Wendy

The following pictures are all taken around the Cathedral.

Store selling fish ornaments for the house
No need to put any caption here.

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