Friday, March 22, 2019

Puppet Theater

The weather is again a bit better today. We did the usual around the island morning walk. Stopped at the market and got vegetables to make a stir-fry for supper.

The solarium, where people swim in the summer, we weren't sure if it would ever open, but it looks like they were checking it out this morning

We love this house at the half way point in our walk
This is why I am not allowed to do renovations. Looks like it is working fine to me. door, window, check.

Market that we go to pretty much every day, not everyone is here today

We walked the streets for Wendy's lunch break.

Favourite Mail Box, no idea how to find this street, but we happen across it every now and then

Our favourite advertisement for fresh pasta so far 

Yesterday an orange cat driving a scooter, today a black cat driving one 

So quiet at the market this guy is having a nap

Spent the rest of the afternoon putting locations in the GPS for this afternoon and doing research on where we are going and what to see.

Just before 5PM we headed out to the Puppet Theatre and catch the show. The cost was 9 Euro but for an extra Euro you got to get a pass for the Museum on another day.  The show was very interesting and lasted 1 hour. Even if it was all in Italian it was worth going to see. The puppets were amazing to watch. The details on them were top notch and the action were almost realistic. The puppets were about 4 feet tall, we expected much smaller puppets. Puppets are a Sicilian tradition, it was fun to see Angelica in action.  It will be good to go to the museum another day to learn more about it.  There were about 20 of us there in a theatre that holds about 60, in the summer you have to book in advance, we just walked in at 4:45 for the 5:00 show.

Puppet Theatre

Hard to follow the puppet story all in Italian, but there was lots of fighting over the heroin Angelica

A little blurry but there was even a fight on horses

A store front for kids clothes with a little camera hanging around the next, couldn't resist a picture. Mzay even buy it to take home.

The supper stir-fry turned into a curry. We got limoncello yesterday and the grocery store and enjoyed one after supper.


  1. We bought some limoncello while in gibraltar also.

  2. Puppet show looked pretty well done. Nice big puppets for sure. Looks like you had another good weekend discovering great stuff.

  3. it would make a nice trophy for the one we are missing


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