Monday, March 25, 2019

Recuperating Monday

This morning we walked to go pick up the car where we left it last night. Free parking beats paying 10 Euros to park even if it means parking about 1.5KM away. Makes for a change of scenery for the morning walk. Lots of traffic coming into town in the morning otherwise nothing too exciting. Beautiful morning with calm winds.  One thing we noticed is that they cleaned up the rooftop of the parking garage where we walked in the morning. Thanks whoever did it.

We also stopped by the market and got salad stuff which we desperately needed.

They came around 4PM and picked it all up

For Wendy's lunchbreak walk, we went to get goceries. The fridge was getting low on a few things and wine needed to be replemished. We went to the big grocery store on the mainland. If I get home and my arms are longer it will be from carrying grocery bags for over 1 km. It will be good for pickleball as I will have an even longer reach now.

They have no problem parking 2 wide and boxing someone in while they do small errands. Fun when driving down the street since you need to change lanes.

First time we have seen horse carriage tours

Before supper, we went for an extra long walk around the island. Perfect timing as the sun was setting. We walked back and forth a few times on the waterfront to admire it. The water was very calm and the colours were gorgeous. If some of these sunset are duplicate, I apologize as I mostly take them for my sister-in-law (Joey) who loves them :-)

Lots of boats out this evening

One of the 2 bridges connecting the island

First time we saw this, must be something going on

The marina promenade looking south

Lots of fisherman tonight

The second part of the waterfront promenade from the end of the pier

Marina promenade looking north

Mushroom pasta for dinner, enough for leftovers tomorrow night, we love leftovers.

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  1. Love the sunset pictures, especially the sailboat and the fishermen.


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