Thursday, 14 April 2011

Travel Days to Lima with Arundel stop

So ready for our much anticipated trip to Peru, including the city of Lima and the Amazon riverboat cruise. Andre bought this trip through a charity auction site on EBay last year, we now have way overspent our budget on vacations this year, but whatever, we are off again. As long as we keep having a jobs when we get back from these ventures, we are good to go!

Left work today at 10:30, that counts as .5 day worked right? Flew from Moncton to Montreal. We arrived in Montreal at 1:00PM and had decided to spend the night in Arundel as our flight to Peru tomorrow is only at 1:00PM. We had not told anyone we would be home, it was such a short visit and we didn't want anyone to go to any fuss. So first stop in Arundel was at Moms, we drove by Jill’s, no car in driveway, drove by Dads, no cars in driveway, then to Moms, no car in driveway. Got out at Moms and she was home! Mom had called earlier in the week to tell us she was coming to Peru with us, joke turned out to be on her because we told her we were came to pick her up. Was she packed and ready to go? Took Mom with us to the school as Jill was expecting her there to arrange driving for cars at garage, Jake was watching out the window for Granny and came flying out in his socks when he saw us all, very very surprised. Jill and Robin followed when they heard Jake yelling Uncle Andre, and Aunt Wendy. Great fun, I love surprises. From here Andre and I went and got Glen out of homework class, yeah for surprises.

Andre, Glen, Jake and I then went geocaching while everyone else looked after car stuff. We have now introduced geocaching to them, more nerds in the family. We found a couple, and this was without our little GPS machine, I think it is better without the stupid machine that freezes every 2 minutes, long story but this machine has been returned and we're hoping for a new one that does not freeze when we got home. Anyone that had the pleasure of experiencing geocaching with us with this machine knows what a pleasure it has been up to now.....

Anyway back to Jill’s and try to decide how to surprise Craig as he is not home from school yet. It is also Craig’s 14th birthday today, so excellent timing for us, there will be a homemade cake involved in this visit I am sure! Jill tells us how much he hates if people are waiting for him at the bus stop. Perfect, Andre and I go to wait for him at the bus stop. The look on his face was priceless when he got off the bus, his jaw literally dropped open. Great fun again. Craig has definitely changed the most out of the boys, he is no longer a boy! His voice has changed, and he has grown a ton, looks like a high school kid now for sure. We decide Craig should see this geocache thing and we find 2 more with him,

Jill had planned to do a small 3 layers lasagna for supper which turned into a large 2 layers lasagna with a M&M's frozen lasagna made as well for extras. Yummy supper and just fun to all be together. After supper we went to Dad and Jo's for a visit, spent the night there, and then up the next morning for our flight.

April 15

Up for breakfast with Dad and Jo, pack the rental car up and off to the airport around 8AM. Car is paid for, $80.00 with gas, much cheaper than a hotel room, supper and breakfast would have been, plus we squeezed in a quick visit with everyone.

Right now we are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight. We still have 1.5 hours, so time to get some lunch and then we are off. Our first flight is Miami and then off to Lima. Hopefully we'll have internet access in Miami. We're not too sure what we'll see after that as far as access goes! We saw the movie Up in the Air with George Clooney, this is our first time flying American Airlines and they still have the monitors where you all watch one movie. Checked out the movie for the next flight, Up in the Air, oh well I can handle George Clooney again, but I might skip on the volume and just watch. Another movie that was up for lots of awards, best thing about the movie for me was it was George Clooney, nothing else really special about it....

We're in Miami now, have a 2 hour wait until our next leg to Lima. So far we have hit duty free, we bought 2 bottles of tequila, figure one for Peru and we'll bring one home. We'll see how that works out, who wants to bet if we'll be bringing one home? One bottle of water $4.00, ouch, good thing our money is at par right now! So we have to pay for internet access at this airport, I hate paying for internet access, and I hate paying for luggage carts at airports, $4.00 for water sucks too, but internet and carts really peeve me. So, no updates home today. Maybe when we get to Lima we will have access, but I'm not counting on it. Who knows when the updates will happen, maybe in 10 days? Off to see where Andre has headed to, will update from next stop Lima.

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