Friday, February 25, 2011

Belize River, Howler Monkeys & Possums

The chef made us hot chicken tamales for breakfast. 

 Afterwards the guides took  for a jungle walk.  They talked about a lot of things.  I got to try a termite.

It tasted minty. There was a small family farm there.  He talked about
what they were farming and their way of life. 

We have lunch, chicken and rice, at the campsite.  I guess chicken is the food of choice here.  One lady got too sunburn and decided to go back to the hotel from the campsite. It is only a short walk to the main road from the campsite.

The 4 Germans call themselves team Germany.  2 of them asked if I want to steer
the canoe and we are now team Germany 1 and the other 2 are team Germany 2. It
is harder to steer the canoe and take pictures but I took lots the first day as
the guide was in the back.  The vegetation and animal life is pretty much the
same anyway.  We stop along to way to pick up water and more rum for the punch. 
Before leaving we go for a swim. After we were all done a large snake swims across the
swimming hole.  It is non-poisonous but still a snake.

We get at camp around 4 and repeat the setup process except to I chooses a spot
early that is level.  The chef made vegetable soup tonight. I had brought a
bottle of rum with me and at the water stop I picked some Coke.  And I had 4
limes.  So tonight after the rum punch is done, Team Germany, 1 of the guides
and me are drinking Cuba Libras.

Around 11, we hear the soup pot lid being moved. 
A possum is trying to get into it. For the next 45 minutes we try to get
a picture of it.  We finally get one of it in the soup pot.  They are so cute. 
I told the guide we should make possum soup but he said no.  I think he was
thinking I was serious. Mission accomplished off to my wonderful foamy mattress in my
tent, NOT.  Somehow I slept better.  No sure why, perhaps the Cuba Libras, getting
used to the foamy or just plain tired. 

Around 2 in the morning the howler
monkeys decided to howl. It was quite loud and most people woke up for
it, except for a few of the snorers.

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