Thursday, September 1, 2022

Laragh to Scarr Mtn to Roundwood

 Today itinerary gave us different options.  Again Ann told us about going up and summiting Scarr, she did warn if there was any fog to skip the summit as there would not be any views if it is foggy.

Off to the same deli shop to pick up lunch for the day, plan is for lunch on the summit.  The trail actually starts 2.5 km back from where we are staying, decided we did not need the extra 2.5 km and just started from outside our B&B.  A little problem finding the start of the trial (this has become a tradition for us), but we are off.  Gorgeous views today, lots of heather again, and lots of visits from sheep.  The weather held out for us and we did do the summit of Scarr, it was really windy but found rocks to hide behind for our lunch break. 

We got a little lost at the end of the hike, ended up in a campground, and then someones B&B back yard.  They got us sorted.  Finished the walk with a 3km road walk to a pub where we were being picked up by van to go back to our B&B.  We hate road walking, but the good thing about here is there were tons of blackberries to snack on along the way.  The 2 sisters from Vancouver came into the pub shortly after us, they had gone back and done the start at 2.5 km away, so an extra 5 km than us and they took the same time, slightly younger and in better shape than us!

Van ended up picking up 6 of us, drop off at our B&B then off to pub again for supper.  Another early night.

Picked up lunch here again at this deli, they are not open for supper

Lots of over fences again

Wondering which one is Scarr, how far up do we need to go?

Figured this one was the top of Scarr, we see people on top

Made it!  So windy and cold that we put our jackets on

We managed to get a little lost coming out of this paddock.  Still have no idea where we were supposed to go, the sheep and horses did not help us

We walked through a Christmas tree farm, then ended up in someones back yard who pointed us in the right direction

Walk along paved country road

Feasted on blackberries on the walk

Pickup spot

Time for a beer before the van arrives

Back to Laragh and supper in the pub waiting for music that never happened

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