Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Dublin to Longford by train

 Up today to get the train to Longford at 11AM, train ride is about 1.5 hours from Dublin. A couple of KM walk to the station.

The pun where we had drinks yeaterday

Why isn't our train on the board?  Oh, there is a little board on the side for more rural locations

Our seats are marked with our names

Lots of nice views from the train

Weird setup to find our apartment that is booked through the bike tour we are doing for the rest of our stay.  Finally find Cathedral View Apartments and Geraldine can’t find our reservation.  She finally found an email from Robert (our tour operator) that she had confirmed.  She says this is her worst worry come true, messing up a reservation, first time ever.  We will need to share the house with 2 other guys, she doesn’t normally like to make people share the house if they are not in the same party.  Share the house means we have our own sitting room upstairs, our own bedroom upstairs.  The 2 guys never need to go upstairs.  We share the dining room and kitchen with them downstairs.  It is a beautiful spot, we hear the cathedral bells ringing. 

Robert arrives with our bikes and makes sure we are set up for the start of our trip.  Our luggage will be shipped, we just need to bike and have things with us that we want for biking.  

Views from our room:

Had lunch at a small cafe.

Longford had a little treasure hunt set up to discover town, a great idea.  Finished the walk around town and found a pub for drinks then dinner at a Thai restaurant.

Stopped at a small pub for a pint

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