Friday, 3 April 2015

Las Vegas - First day

Unfortunately this year Andre was not able to do income averaging at work due to a large project  he is on, so no extended Europe trip this year.  We were able to grab some tickets to Las Vegas on points, and purchase a resort certificate for a week over Easter.  So little time needed to take off for vacation, and a chance to see Las Vegas again after 30 years.  This time we are also renting a car to see some of the sights outside the city.

Friday – Flying on points often does not give you much options, or any options for decent flights.  Today we spent about 5 hours in Toronto waiting for our connection to Las Vegas, and arrived in Las Vegas at around 11PM, a very long day.  All car rentals are off site here, you catch a shuttle bus that takes you to a car rental terminal that has all the major rental companies in one place.  We were greeted by a huge line for the shuttle bus.  The couple behind us in line was a couple we actually shared a table with in the Toronto airport and we discussed taking a taxi to the rental terminal when 2 shuttles turned up.  The shuttles are like big city busses and we managed to get on the 2nd one, so not taxi needed.  We were greeted by an even bigger line at the car rental, thank goodness we have joined just about every free rewards program there is for car rentals and were able to look on a board and just go get our car, keys and contract were inside.  What a great perk that costs absolutely nothing.
By now it is nearly 1AM.  The airport is very close to the strip, and with it being so late traffic is extremely light.  Tonight we are staying one night at the Westgate hotel at the end of the strip.  We were put in a room that we later realized was the suite part of a 2 bedroom suite.  The bed was a murphy bed that came out from the wall.  We were so exhausted it really didn’t matter.  Took a few pictures from our hotel as we were on an upper floor and could see all the lights.  Finally get to sleep only to be awakened by the TV next door at 4AM.  This is the really bad part of the suite of a 2 bedroom suite, very little sound barrier between the suite and the bedrooms. It was so loud that we phoned front desk as we were sure no one was in the room and the TV had been set to come on.  But no, someone was in there.  We both dug out our ear plugs and tried to sleep a little more.

Snow is all gone in Toronto, not like when we left the house this morning

Westgate hotel sign, where we stayed the first night.  Also world's tallest free standing sign

Our view at night of the strip

Morning view

The Wynn, where we could not afford to stay

Statue of Elvis.  He used to perform at this hotel and they are creating an exhibit of him here

Westgate hotel and one lucky winner, not us
Riviera hotel across the street.  Will be torn down in May.

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