Monday, December 4, 2023

Pigeon Point Beach


A few pictures cutesy of Google:

Our AirBnb was located above Cobbs-Cross (where the L is at the end of The Catamaran Hotel top left) It has great views of Falmouth Harbour and the sailboats and yachts in it. Turns out this weekend is charter yacht week and we saw many many amazing huge yachts.

At the bottom right is Galleon Beach where we went yesterday.

Today we are at Pigeon Point Beach, the green umbrella in the middle.  

We picked up our rental car yesterday in St. Johns.  Driving here is on the left hand side of the road, and involves pot holes, speed bumps, steep drops beside the road and our favourite locals just stopping their car in the middle of the road.  You see a friend, stop your car for a chat.  You see a veggie stand, stop right there for some shopping.  Literally in the middle or the road.  We have the rental car for our week here so we can visit a number of beaches.

English Harbour with Nelson's dockyard on the left bottom

The yachts in Falmouth Harbour

One of the 2 outdoor pet cats that the owners feed

Morning showers, showers were common for us, but did not last long

Morning coffee view

Rainbow after the showers.

Today we spend the day at Pigeon Point Beach. There was a beach restaurant but skipped lunch as it was very expensive.

First outing was on the right side following the cliff towards Falmouth Marina.
Saw a few fish but no large quantities. The water was not very clear.


On the right side of the beach you can see some of the beautiful yachts that are parked in Falmouth Harbour 

Pigeon Point Beach, another quiet beach

Wendy and Joey coming back from snorkeling

divide by 2 to get Canadian prices

looks like a person's head

You had to swim further out to get some better snorkeling,  but it was worthwhile

Peacock flounder 

Stopped for groceries at Convent Garden for a couple of little things.

On the sideroad to our AirBnB. Goats and cattle egrets, and potholes

View from our porch at night

Andre was not very lucky at cards.  Low scores was the winner. Did not do any better at crib. Crazy 8's was his only good game

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