Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Jolly Harbour Dec 12-16

 A few pictures from our last 4 days at Jolly Harbour

The next 2 are a large peninsula that is being developed with new homes which is further away from the beach.   

View of the area where we stayed

View of Jolly Harbour

Back at Jolly Harbour, we had lunch, got a few more groceries before returning the bikes. The lady at the bike rental place drove us back to the condo.  Very happy as it was almost 30 degrees and sunny and hot.  It would have been a very long walk

Clean Food'N Jooce food truck where we had lunch before returning the bikes.

Large portions for about $10US

Pictures from the last days

Great having a n awning during the showers

Not just a shower any more

Our condo on the left

The end of the canal next to our condo

On the way to the beach to catch the sunset

Lots of seashells at north beach


Customs House where you need to check in if coming by boat from another country on the left.

Option to come to supper by boat. A few people came by little zodiacs. 

View looking left from our balcony, very calm in the morning

North Beach Again

Minnows at the end of one of the canals

A few pictures from our condo

Well equipped kitchen

Time to come home, well sort of.  The afternoon we were scheduled to leave our phones started, flight delayed by 1.5 hours, we were able to get in touch with the taxi to ask them to delay pickup.  About 30 minutes later phones go again, flight cancelled until tomorrow.  Lucky for us the condo is not rented for tonight and the owner says we can stay for another night.  We know Air Canada will look after meals etc for tonight so off we go to supper at Al Porto. It is the closest place to eat from the condo about 1 KM walk.  The other places are at Jolly Harbour which is about 2KM.  They had a pasta bar which was $35 Canadian which was around the same price as a regular pasta on the menu. They said there was  also bread and salad on the buffet. Well bread was just a baguette sliced up and salad was just a green salad. 6 types of pasta which was to try.  Happy Air Canada is paying for this.  We are now waiting to hear back about compensation about cancelled flights and incidentals

Leaving Antigua, 1 day late
Joey lucks out in Toronto and makes a connecting flight to Calgary, so actually arrives on the same day she should have as original plans were to overnight in Toronto.  Our flight to Moncton is already boarding, so Toronto for the night for us.  Find out the next morning that Moncton flight was delayed by 1 hour last night, we could have made the flight, very annoying.

Off to plan our next holiday.  Our next sun vacation will hopefully include much better snorkeling.

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