Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Flying home from Amman

Our pickup time for the airport is 3PM and we are lucky enough that the hotel has given us a late checkout.  This means we have time to do more exploring of the city on foot, then get back to the hotel in time for showers as it is another hot day and a long day/night of travel ahead of us.

Our drive shows up an hour early to take us to the airport.  We decide to go early even though we are going to be super early at the airport.  We have checked in online, and have no checked luggage so no need to go to a counter once we get to the airport. 

A guide meets as at the airport to make sure we get through security fine and we are off for lots of waiting around airports once again.

Uneventful flights home.  Perhaps the bumpiest trip I have ever had, luckily I slept through a lot of it.  Airline is Emirates Airline again, but this time flights are full.  Still had lots of room for carry on luggage until Montreal, but we then switched to Air Canada flight to Moncton and were happy to turn over our carry on luggage at the gate.  I grabbed a taxi to Bernie and Lucille to pick up our car, return to the airport to find Andre waiting with our luggage.

A fantastic trip again.  Very happy we did this one with a tour group.  Hard to see what is happening in the Middle East right now.  Not sure when/if it will ever get sorted, what a mess.  Jordan is called the Switzerland of the Middle East our guide told us.  We always felt safe, walked around on our own day and nights when we were not on tours and never felt concerned.  Happy to be home now, and looking forward to our next adventure.

On our walk to another mall, we both hate shopping, why have malls seemed to be our place to visit this trip?

Olive trees on the sidewalk

Pedway to cross over a busy street, quite the view!

Love the name of this carwash

Not too far from our hotel, we can see our landmark buildings.  We were told there has been no work done in about 7 years, but we did see one lone worker out there

New mall map

Inside the mall

Snack we picked up outside our hotel for lunch before we headed to the airport

Meal menus on the planes, Andre is happy as he is getting lamb twice

Amman Airport

Nice spot to wait in Amman airport 

Took the train in Dubai to our terminal for our flight to Montreal

Didn't even go inside

McDonald's cafe.

Ice Cream in all airports for Andre, cheapest one here

Leaving Dubai, Montreal in 13 hour's

Was very interesting to see after being in Jordan and Wadi Rum

Arriving in Canada, no more dry lands.

We saw this on all our flights except Air Canada, people get up before the plane is even at the gate!

Nearly home. Only 1 more flight

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