Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Mui Ne Day 1 Resort

Andre got up at 5:30 to watch the sunrise.  Nice but nothing spectacular. 

No empty food platters at breakfast the morning, and so many choices. Finally had my first Pho and some of those Vietnamese pancakes. That great yogurt and lots of nice fruit. Not sure how many trips Andre made to the buffet line, but he was happy. You can eat indoors or outdoors, not so windy this morning so great to be outdoors before it gets too hot.

Explore the beach a bit, lots of little sand crabs scurrying around. A couple of fisherman fishing off the rocks , thought we might see a catch but turned out to be a garbage bag...

Decided to catch the shuttle into town to explore a bit. Wow it was hot. 11:30, what a bad time for the free shuttle  and they only pick you up in 4 hours to come back. First impressions,  where is everyone? Literally only the 2 of us tourists.  Wondering if it is a nationality that is not travelling? There has to be thousands of empty hotel rooms on the main strip , and thousands more of empty restaurant chairs.

We had a hard time even finding access to the beach, resorts are so built up.  Security was stopping us from going through their resorts. Finally found a sign with beach access,  got to the red of the road and there was no way to get on the beach or walk the beach, so much erosion.  We could see windsurfing in the distance that looked fun to watch so back to the main road we went to continue on, I did mention it was hot right?

Looking on Google Maps couldn't see any legit road to the beach where we thought it was wider  so new plan, start asking resorts if they have a restaurant.  Scored on first try. Got to the fancy restaurant on the beach, wow, prices are like home, passed on this place, but we can now walk on the beach.

Beach walk did not last long, sand is really sink and tough to walk.  Asked at a surf shop if there was somewhere for a cheap beer on the beach, she was not Vietnamese,  didn't speak English  but the other guy working did, no cheap places except back on main street. I think I understand so few tourists now, everyone seems to be speaking Russian, maybe this is where the Russians like to vacation? 

Back on main Street. Cheap beer found, fresh fries, squid rings, and I finally got the drink Duc wanted me to try 
"Có thể làm giúp tôi 2 ly bơ dằm sữa đặc được không?Tôi cảm ơn"  he sent me this by what's app, no idea if this is what I got , but it was good. The little restaurant had a small fruit stand out front, so for dessert asked them to find us the nicest mango and slice it up for us, we never get mango this good at home.

No way was I waiting 2 hours for the shuttle back to the resort, plus the pickup spot was about 5 km back, not happening in this heat, so Grab it was. On our walk this morning there had to be 20 cabs that tried to get our business,  I have no idea how they are surviving with so few tourists.

Back to the hotel, wind has really picked up. We're planning on pool swim, but at the moment just sitting by the pool in the shade works. 

Spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, happy hour then supper and early night. Bright and early wake tomorrow morning.

Sunrise from our balcony

The hotel view from our balcony

Went the Vietnamese way for breakfast

These trees are beautiful. Our guide last week called the flower Paper Flowers

At the beach, quiet, red flag, no swimming

Erosion is eating at their property

Lost fisherman homemade buoy.

Love seeing these

The resort looking 2 ways

On the way to downtown 

Sand coming down from the sand dunes 

Hells Angels, don't think so

Super tall 

Lots of places are close, we think because the Russians are not allowed to come.

Beach access sign

Only graffiti we have seen so far in Vietnam

We cut thru a resort to go to the beach

Where we stopped for lunch

Madonna would like it here

Wendy's special request: Avocado, condensed sweeten milk and ice

Out of this world delicious for $1.25

Glad I got to see the bill LOL

At the pool bar enjoying Happy Hour with a Magarita

Supper time

Shrimp pineapple rice and pork
Love the presentation

They learned from the French how to make great bread and it's very good


  1. do the menus have english translation Rollande

    1. At the resort yes. Otherwise yes and no is the answer. Depends where and how big the restaurant is

  2. The bread certainly looks better than what we had in Italy. In Florence, the bread is dry, hard and very bland.

  3. Lynda from-WaihekeApril 22, 2023 at 2:26 AM

    Very, very much enjoying your blog Wendy and Andre! Love your sense of humour! Thank you heaps for sharing. We're going to Vietnam (from NZ) end of Jun for 10 weeks and it's scary! Wendy, please can you tell me the brand of your sandals. They're exactly the style I'm looking for! :-)

    1. Lynda, my sandals are Merrell, very comfortable. Slightly jealous you are about to start your travels, we have 8 days left. Hop you love it as much as we do! Wendy


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