Sunday, October 25, 2020

Fundy National Park Day 3

The place we had hoped to get breakfast was only opening at 9:30 now that the tourist season is over.  The same for the bakery. So we hit the little grocery store in town for coffee and most likely Costco muffins.

Not sure the last time I seen an airstream camper.

Our yurts for the weekend.

A partridge maybe

We decided to do Laverty fall for our first hike.  We had done this one 3 years or so with the grandkids.

You take a dirt road for about 5KM to get to the start of the hike.

It is basically downhill all the way to the falls, 2,5KM, which means you have to climb up 2.5km.  Mostly a gentle grade so not so bad.  We are the first one there.  Quite fresh this morning but you are mostly protected by trees from the wind.

A few section of the path had roots.

The river feeding the falls. Spent a few minutes here before moving on to the base.

We spent around 20 minutes.  We were the only ones here at this time (10AM). It was great.  We met 2 or 3 couples on the way back to the car.  This is a loop hike if you choose to do so but it is more difficult and a bit longer.

More mushroom
I'm so tired. Inside joke.

Our final hike of the weekend is 6KM loop called East Branch.  It is also a snowshoeing trail.  Maybe this winter

At the far end of the trail

We got a flat along the way, probably on Laverty road but it could have been on this parking lot.  We called Kia roadside assistance and they said they could send someone to put the spare on for us.  Since we are probably at lease 45 minutes from the nearest service, we decided to do it ourselves.  Probably took us 20 minutes to figure things out.

We had decided when we came on Friday that we would go out of the part on the Sussex side and look at the blueberry fields around Mechanic Settlement.  We had to keep our speed under 80 KM/HR.  Fun on the highway with 4 way flashers.  We stopped at IHOP for a senior breakfast special.  Only have to be 55 to qualify.


  1. I have really enjoyed your blog. If you ever find yourself in Alaska, please email me and I will be happy to show you around. I visited your blog today to see if you had been to Egypt because we are going there in October, but nope, it doesn't seem so, or maybe you were there before this blog. Anyways, love the pictures, I am trying to improve my photography.

    1. Thanks, Hope to make it to Egypt some day but no plan soon.


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