Monday, October 12, 2020

Cape Breton NS Day 6

Today we will fill our day entirely with hikes, it is so hard to not stop at every pullout on the trail.

The views leaving our cottage.

Right before we did our first hike at Blueberry Mountian we spotted this guy.

Views from the top of Blueberry mountain

The little white dinky car is ours.

Ile de la Madelaine from the top of Blueberry Mtn.  100KM or so away

Parking lot for Blueberry Mountain, mountain we climbed is behind us

second hike today was Corney Brook, excitement here was seeing a couple stealing trees!

After spending most of the week seeing very few people on the trails were shocked to pull into the Skyline Trail and see this parking lot!  I guess this is where everyone goes...

Beautiful view from Skyline trail, but oh so many people!  We were late in the day, so it wasn't even overly busy for them

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