Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Day 4 Tues Rethymno

Today is Wendys first full day of work.  She did some testing last night and internet seems great, so we are good to go.  The apartment owner stopped by with a second key for us and answered lots of questions.  We also needed to get a new coffee pot, the one here did not work.  We also asked about a microwave, and surprise this afternoon he arrived with a new microwave for us.  We often make enough for leftovers the next day, so the microwave will come in handy.

Because of the difference in time zones Wendy will be starting work later in the morning, so this gives us lots of time for a walk before she starts.  Up around 7:30today and out by 8:00.  Goal this year again is 20,000 steps per day, we know it is possible we did it last year.

We are staying in Old TOwn in ROthymno, further down from us is the nicer beach, but also a lot newer looking apartments/hotels/condos 

This is the supermarket we found yesterday, needed to take a picture of it for the name, we have no idea how to pronounce this, or really any other signs we see 

We think this is a changing room on the beach that had a rough winter. THings are starting to get set up now for summer tourists, but it is still not too warm for the beach

Andre made delicious greek salad for lunch, I will be very happy to eat this every day

Greek yogurt and honey for dessery

After lunch we had out to do more of exploring in the town.

Like we have seen in other European cities, obituaries are posted on walls near to where the people lived 

Love the old parts of cities with the small cobblestone streets

Rollande had told me she saw lots of men twirling these.  I asked the owner of our apartment what they were, he called them Komboloi worry beads, he said they are mostly used by men, and will help with quitting smoking etc. 

These are made out of bread

Noodles for supper tonight 

Of course gelato for dessert

This is what the street signs look like here, they are  so hard to read, this is the street where we had gelato

Cool jellyfish lights 


  1. Should get some of those beads for Jean-Guy to help him to quit smoking. Enjoy the gelato..


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